Friday, June 26, 2009

Hiatus Survival Tips

Well, here we are. Deep into the summer, but really just starting. The premiere of season five is sooooo far away!

So how do you cope? Some of the typical fan coping mechanisms are:

1. Re-watch the first three seasons--four if you DVRed and kept the last one.

2. Keep up with goings on with the Supernatural official magazine by Titan.

3. Read the Season Companions for the first three seasons, and all the companion books. Depending on how fast a reader you are and how much time you have, this can get you through the whole summer!

4. Read or re-read the comic books and novelizations.

Let's face it, though, we've a lot of that already, having suffered through three summer hiatuses and way too many mid-season breaks, not to mention the writer's strike. So how else can we make it through?

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty

The season 4 DVD cover art is out, so you can download that, print it 150 times, and wallpaper your room with it.

Or you could bid on Supernatural posters on eBay. 39 came up in my search, and some were at well below-market prices.

Venture Beyond

It's a joke that Jared and Jensen do a lot of horror movies between seasons, and some of us can't handle that without a lot of support (i.e. taking a gaggle of friends to the theater). But Devour, House of Wax, Friday the 13th, and My Bloody Valentine aren't the only other options out there. Give Gilmore Girls a try, and marvel at how Jared's boyish mannerisms haven't changed, regardless of how much he has. Check out Dark Angel for a much more happy-go-lucky Jensen, or Smallville season 4 (though I have to warn you, most of his scenes are with Lana *gag*).

And in the dark, lonely days of early September, when you're desperate and don't think you'll make it, go ahead. Give in. Rent New York Minute and Blonde. It'll be okay--no one else has to know.

Let the Fandom Get You Through

There is fanfic galore out there, everything from canon-focused, general fiction to hard-core slash. But that's not all. There are cartoons, stop-action doll theater, and many other creative outlets (themed picture sets, videos). Even laundry lists! A great place to start is Supernatural Wiki, which links to fan offerings.


Anyone have any other hiatus coping mechanisms to offer?


Trish Milburn said...

Not a Lana fan, eh? :)

There's also the endless fun stuff on YouTube -- bloopers, fan vids, etc. Lots of stuff to make us laugh at the boys' antics.

And don't forget, there are still 4 days left to enter our Supernatural Sisters Fan Fiction Contest. See the details on my June 17 post:

Victoria said...

Yes, don't forget all the fanvids on You Tube! That's what I do. And watch the reruns and DVD's.
You forgot Ten Inch Hero!!
I can't believe we still have to wait soooo long for the new season!
Might. Die.
:) V.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I deliberately left YouTube and Ten Inch Hero off the list so you guys could name them. LOL No, actually, because we've talked about both a lot lately, and I felt like it was overkill mentioning them again. But they are EXCELLENT additions to the list!

The new season is way too far away, I agree, though it's closer than it ever was in the past.

I can't wait to see what offerings our readers make to the fanfic contest!

Barbara said...

I've never really liked Lana either and it wasn't until this past season that I kind of started liking her but of course that was after she was doused with all that krytonite. But on the bright side at least he had his shirt off in two of the episodes that season and of course he took his shirt off in Dark Angel. I just wish he'd get over that phobia so we can enjoy him in all his yumminess.

Well I just have one more to go before I'm done but I ended up doing a drabble an episode. I started it after last season ended in July and somehow I managed to pull it off. Just the one episode from this season and I'm done. I surprised the hell out of myself. There's also the option of finding old clips from Jensen's days on Days. I don't even want to think about his age when he was on that but that's when the love affair began. And although Jim isn't on anymore there are the two episodes of Harper's Island left. I'm looking forward to that DVD where they have that extended scene with Malcolm getting chopped up which probably shows just how twisted I am.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL, Bard Girl, I'd say yes, a little twisted. :)

I don't know if I want to see Jensen as far back as his Days days. Dark Angel is even pushing it a little, 'cause he's so much prettier, and less "hard" than Dean is. Though, wait, there's that episode with the flashbacks and the glasses...

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