Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Funny NOT to Share

I'm sorry--I know people are tired of Gangham Style, but this was too funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Love For Supernatural Revived: Thank You, Andrew Dabb

Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network.
Supernatural has been a show unlike any other for me. It's the only show I ever watched over and over, both during the season and on DVD. The only show that drove me to seek like-minded fans, to follow the stars on Twitter, to pay a buttload of money to go to a convention all about the show. Twice.

As relationships do, this one changed. With a new showrunner, the narrative went in directions not everyone liked. I think I would have enjoyed those directions more if we hadn't had the magic that came first. But my watching experienced diminished less than my community experience did. I wanted to look at reasons to like it, not ways to bash it.

I was hopeful when Jeremy Carver took over as showrunner this year, but disappointed by some of the choices in the relationship between the brothers. But finally, FINALLY, they have corrected it. Goodbye, Dean the Dick. Goodbye, mopey Sam! Hell-O, unexplored territory!

I've loved the last three episodes. LOVED them! Stripping away everything the boys relied on was all very well and good, but it also stripped away the chemistry of the show. I can imagine the writers sitting around the table saying, "Where haven't we gone yet that's still in keeping with the characters and world we've established?"

How about European legends? Yes, please!

They've tried, but never succeeded in having a home. Let's give them one together. Ohh, good idea!

And give Dean his own room. Hell, yeah!

We've looked at the Campbells pretty hard, what about the Winchesters? So poignant and sad, but also healing and hey! More new mythology!

Now we're on some familiar ground. Kevin has given them a goal. The trials are cool, giving us slightly new ways to look at old tropes and a natural conflict between Sam and Dean based on the realities of their personality (I'll save the world—no, I'LL save the world!)

Even better, Dean has grown up. Back in season 1, he was devastated that his brother would return to a non-hunter life once the demon was killed. In season 5, Sam's heaven being anywhere but with Dean, when Dean has lived his whole life for his brother, was a knife to the heart. Now, while Dean still sees himself as so unworthy that he's fine with sacrificing himself for his brother, he *wants* Sam to have the happy ending he envisions.

Even more better, Sam won't allow Dean to make that sacrifice. He's going to save him right along with the rest of the world. I'm sure I wasn't the only person thinking of the end of season 2 when they watched those two mini-speeches. But unlike then, when we had an entire summer to get through before we saw the aftermath of those decisions, we still have 8 episodes to go!  

Your turn! Do you agree with me about the show returning to some of the things we loved, and incorporating new stuff in great ways? Or did it lose you so completely you can never get the love back?