Friday, January 27, 2012

Author Interviews Emily Perkins, Supernatural's Becky

Angela Campbell, a fellow author who is as die-hard a fan of Supernatural as we are, had the opportunity to interview the actress who plays superfan Becky Rosen on the show. Find out how much input she had into her character and where she sees Becky ending up by clicking here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

News and Hiatus

The TCA was held recently, and there's an interview with Jared Padalecki that's FULL OF SPOILERS, so beware!

There's also an interview with Robert Singer at Digital Spy.

I admit, after last week's awesome episode, I gobbled up details about what's upcoming, and I'm excited. :)

Not so excited, though, about another hiatus. According to a sneak peek note on Dread Central, we're back to reruns until February 3rd. WTH?

(In a related note, the local CBS and CW stations went black in Verizon here in Central PA from late Thursday through Sunday, because Verizon and the station group owner couldn't agree to a new contract. There was much wailing and anger! Luckily for me, I'm on DirecTV. :) )

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time After Time After Time

Time After Time After Time already has a Cyndi Lauper song playing in my head. I miss the music from the old days. In fact, I heard Bad Company on the way to dinner and thought of Meg. Remember Meg? I liked her.

ANYWAY, tonight the boys are stalking something that looks like a priest from The Exorcist movie. They split up to follow him, and Dean comes upon the monster sucking the life force out of what looks like a homeless man. As Dean rushes forward, the creature dissolves into a ball of red light, taking Dean with it as Sam arrives, shouting his brother’s name.


Dean is looking up Dick Roman info on the laptop when Sam’s phone rings. It’s Sheriff Jodi Mills, and she has a case for him, a mummified body in Canton Ohio. (OMG—credits, RAT BOY is going to be in this one!) Apparently the sheriff knows about Bobby because she’s choked up when she speaks his name, talking about all she went through with him and the Winchesters. Sam (who needs a hair cut, he’s about to be a dad , already!) tells Dean she caught a case for them. Dean replies with, “Aw, I feel bad. We didn’t get her anything.” Sam then chides Dean for reading Dick Roman stuff over and over, that he’s just punishing himself.

In the next scene, they pull up in what looks like a new car in front of a dilapidated house (from Ghost Facers?) The brothers do rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the bedroom. Apparently Dean has moved on from scissors because he chose rock and Sam chose paper. “How does paper beat a rock?”

They show up at some guy’s house. Apparently he witnessed the victim being sucked dry. They go back to the house where they’re squatting, and can’t find anything about turning bodies into cryptkeepers, but Greater Canton is a magnet for weird bodies. Random years, but always in threes. Two bodies have already been found. Dean taps into local surveillance cameras, a trick he learned from Frank, impressing Sam. But they found pictures of the same man on local surveillance and in an old newspaper story about one of the strange bodies. They locate the girl who found the body in 1957 and ask if she recognizes the man. She does, and the boys go stake out the house.

And we’re back to the first scene, where Dean attacks and disappears into a ball of energy. He’s grappling with the creature—and finds himself in on a street in…the 1940s? The police see him and demand he drops the gun. He is arrested and learns he’s 68 years in the past. He takes a minute to do the math. “I’m stuck in 1944?”

The cop leaves him and another man in plainclothes comes in. Rat Boy!!! Wow, X-Files was a while back, huh? Dean figures he’s screwed anyway, so tells the truth, and is surprised when Rat Boy (OMG, Elliot Ness!) believes him. He accuses the man of being a hunter, but Ness rolls his shoulders and denies it, then introduces himself. Dean is suitably impressed.

Meanwhile, back in 2011, Sam is on the phone with the sheriff. BTW, those shirts he wears? Hella expensive, because I keep trying to buy them for my husband but don’t trust him in $70 shirts. Okay, now the sheriff wants to help find Dean since she got them into this mess.

Back in the ‘40s, Dean is going fanboy on Elliott Ness. Ness says they’re hunting the same thing in different centuries. Dean gets all excited to be an “untouchable” but Ness doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They go shopping to get Dean new clothes. Ness tells the seamstress Dean is from the future. Dean says, “Gas is $4 a gallon, you can get cheese from a spray can, and the president is a black guy.”

In 2011, the sheriff is bringing Sam paperwork from Bobby’s locker. She’s pretty sure something is alive in three of the boxes.

In the 40s, OMG, Dean looks GOOD. Goooooooooood. He keeps saying “awesome,” which makes the seamstress ask if he’s a religious kook. Then she calls he and Ness “idjits,” which amuses Dean. He tells her she reminds him of someone.

In 2011, Jodi is helping Sam on the internet. They are magically able to enhance a picture to see a ring on their suspect’s finger, which bears the symbol of Kronos, the god of time. He’s an old god, who used to get his power from people feeding him. Now he makes up for lack of power with being “twice as pissed, and a lot more hands on.” Sam decides they have to summon him.

In the 1940s, Dean and Ness go to find the house Sam and Dean had staked out. Dean quotes Sean Connery from The Untouchables, but Ness says, “Who talks like that?” Dean swears he’s never watching one of his favorite movies again. They break into the house and discover Kronos is laying bets on races where he already knows the outcome. So Ness and Dean go look for the bookie who places his bets. Dean plays muscle, loving every minute of it, but doesn’t have to do much to threaten him to get a location.

In 2011, Sam and Jodi find a way to call Kronos, but Dean has to be touching him when they do, or Dean will be stuck in another time forever. They find an old bottle in Bobby’s things and decide to drink it.

In the 1940s Dean and Ness stake out the bar where Kronos is drinking. Dean asks Ness who died in his life that made him become a hunter. Ness calls him morbid, and says he started because vampires were turning people and he caught the bug. Ness asks why Dean is doing it and Dean said because of his family, but they keep dying and he doesn’t know why he does anything anymore. Ness calls him a nancy and wants to know if all hunters are as soft as Dean in the future. Dean is taken aback—certainly Dean has never been soft. “At least you’re making a difference. Hunting’s the only clarity you’re going to find in this life. That makes you luckier than most.”

After Ness makes his speech, a lovely woman walks by the car, and Kronos follows her. Ness leads Dean to the trunk of his car—loaded with all manner of weaponry. “Sweet merciful awesome!” Dean exclaims.

Dean and Ness follow Kronos, weapons at the ready (could that BE any hotter?) only to see Kronos and the girl embrace. They’re stunned.

Ness and Dean split up, Ness going to watch Kronos, I guess, who went home with the girl. Dean goes back to the seamstress. She’s found a way to kill Kronos, with an olive branch carved by vestal virgins and dipped in the blood of you-don’t-wanna-know-what. Dean realizes if he kills Kronos he’s stuck in 1944. The seamstress tells him there’s lots of ways to pass the time and lays a kiss on him. As he’s leaving he remembers Back to the Future 3 (is that the western one?) and decides to write himself a letter—at least I think so.

Okay, I JUST recognized Kronos as Logan from Veronica Mars. Holy smokes, I love Logan. I didn’t recognize him until he spoke, before beating up Ness. He’s interrupted by the girl telling him he forgot to take out the trash, apparently his excuse for going out. Ness disappears. Kronos tells his girl to pack a bag, she’s going with him. When she hesitates, he snaps at her, which surprises her.

Dean pulls up in front the house Sam and Dean were squatting in. He tells the owner he’s the head of homeland termite inspection. He finds the bedroom where Sam made his bed, lays on the floor and looks for the perfect spot to hide his message to Sam.

Back in 2011, Jodi sends Sam to bed, and he sees the message from Dean—his name carved into the baseboard and Dean’s note behind it. He runs down to show Jodi the letter which has the name of the woman, Lila, and the exact date Dean had contact with him. Sam and Jodi find Lila at a rest home and ask her about Ethan. She hadn’t seen him since 1944, the night the clocks stopped at 11:34, when he said awful things, and strangled that poor man. Sam shows her a picture of Dean and she said Ethan choked the life out of him.

In 1944, Dean goes back to the house looking for Ness and breaks in. He and Kronos fight. Ness holds Lila hostage with a gun pointed at her belly. Kronos said he does his sacrifices so he can get back to Lila because he loves her. He used to wander but now he has her. When she calls him a monster, you can feel his heart breaking.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jodi call Kronos, who slides back to 2011. Ness tosses the olive branch to Dean just as he and Kronos disappears in a ball of light. Once back in the house, Sam stabs Kronos, who dies after telling the brothers their future is covered in a thick black ooze. They’re everywhere. And then Kronos dies. The end.

Now, I’m not a fan of the drawn-out ending but THAT was a little abrupt. But awesome.

Friday, January 13, 2012

People's Choice

In case you, like me, have your head buried in your to-do list, Supernatural won the People's Choice award for both Favorite Network TV Drama and Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show. The boys did a short thank-you video to the fans:

Laura Prudom at Huffpost TV has a really good article about the injustice of the Favorite Network TV Drama being left out of the live telecast.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jim Beaver's New Bullet Phobia

Did you guys see this great TV guide interview with Jim Beaver?

Maybe we won't see Bobby again for a while on SPN, but looks like fans can catch Jim on Justified sometime in the future!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Star Bingo

Seriously, we should set it up. I bet someone else has, though. Anyone got a link? :)

Okay, here are some places I recently saw Supernatural guest stars:

An episode of Entourage from the last season, the one where Vince buys the dinosaur head. The actress who played Sarah in "Provenance" was in a similar role in the auction house.

Last week's episode of Leverage (two Sundays ago) had Todd Stashwick and the actress who played Casey in "Sin City."

I know there were others but I failed to write them down and my brain is starting to malfunction from hunger. I'm going to go make dinner--you tell me more in the comments!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

It's the beginning of new episodes after hiatus, so you know we had to have a recap at the beginning of the show. And, yay, we had some classic rock with REO Speedwagon's "Riding the Storm Out." We were reminded about saying bye-bye to Cass (sniffle), the nasty leviathans, and Bobby's final moment of writing down the mysterious numbers, saying, "Idjits," then dying (sniffle, sniffle).

When we launch into this episode, we see a guy in a diner watching out the window. Seriously, this dude (the actor, Ian Tracey) has been on everything I watch lately. Since he played bad guys on Sanctuary and Hell on Wheels, it was nice to see him play one of the good guys. He follows a woman out of the diner/truck stop, but she disappears between two semi trucks. When he turns back around, the waitress he'd just been talking to turns out to be a little more than a waitress. She's got herself some sharp-ass teeth and she bites him. When he crumples to the ground, she says, "That's for the crappy tip." Moral of the story: always tip your waitress well.

Next we see the words "Week One" and Sam and Dean just sitting in a room staring at nothing. We know they're still in shock over Bobby's death (I hate typing those words, btw). Then it's Week Two, and they're look at the mysterious numbers and trying to figure out what they can be. Week Three, Dean has constructed a clue board and Sam comes in and asks if they should call "Bobby's people" to let them know about his passing. But neither wants to be the one to do it. Sam answers a call from a young girl who sounds scared. Her dad told her to call Bobby if anything happened to him, so when Sam can't produce Bobby she hangs up on him. But Sam tracks Chrissy down and soon realizes that her father is a hunter and he's gone missing. Sam says he'll find her father and leaves.

Meanwhile, Dean has gone to find super computer nerd Frank to see why it's taking him so long to get back to him about the numbers. Frank's cleaned out his house, but he shows up pointing a gun at Dean in case he's a leviathan. Dean says he's not, but Frank says that, sure, he's not. Neither is Dick Roman or Gwyneth Paltrow. To end the standoff, they each cut themselves to prove they blood red blood instead of black goo. Frank takes Dean to a stashed RV where he's set up his computers. He says that the five numbers Bobby wrote down are a dead end, but he figured since Bobby was dying he didn't have time to write down all the numbers. He created a probability program and figured out that it was actually six numbers and that they were coordinates to a field in Wisconsin owned by Dick Roman's company.

When Sam calls to check in, Dean tells him what is going on. When Sam expresses concern about Dean and Frank heading there, Dean says, "Relax. It's a field, not the Death Star." :) Dean and Frank (by the way, I think Frank is hilarious and a necessary comedic edition in the absence of Bobby and Cass) pretend to be line workers to stake out the field, and the sight of Dean trying to operate a cherry picker was funny. As soon as he gets the picker up though, Frank tells him to get back down because there are cameras all over the place on the Roman property. Instead of setting up their own surveillance, Frank hacks into Roman's cameras and sees a woman who works for Roman and a surveying crew. They're going to build something on the property, but what we don't know. Goofy Frank also goes serious long enough to tell Dean that he wasn't always like he is now, but that he has to find a way to get through each day since he was 27 and came home to find his wife and kids gutted on the floor. Damn, everyone on this show has lost someone in a horrible way. Even Chrissy saw her mother killed.

Back in Sam-land, he thinks he's tracking one vetala. But since he doesn't know they work in pairs, he gets attacked and dragged back to their lair too. When he wakes up, there are lots of dead guys lying around but Chrissy's dad, Lee, is still hanging on. When Dean figures out what has likely happened, he goes to Chrissy's to find out where Sam might have gone. But Chrissy has destroyed the map and notes so that Dean has to take her with him. Enter some smack talk between Dean and a 14-year-old girl, LOL. When they finally find and follow the vetala back to their lair, Dean cuffs Chrissy to the steering wheel of the car and goes in. Luckily for him, she had not one but two lock picks and rushes in as he's getting his butt kicked. She pretends to get captured by one of the vetala, but then she stabs and kills her then cuts Sam's bonds. This gives Sam and and Dean the chance to kill the other vetala.

When we see Lee recovering in a hospital, the boys urge him to quit hunting so Chrissy can have a normal life. Lee asks if they've ever known anyone to quit the hunting life. Dean says no, that they all end up dead first. When Chrissy runs out of the hospital after Dean, she says they're giving up hunting. She also tells Dean he's "kind of amusing for an old guy." LOL.

What did you think of the episode? What about Frank? What do you think Dick and his leviathans are going to build in that field?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Midseason Polls and stuff

Hellatus is almost over! *does the Sam!and!Dean!dance* I think this is the earliest return in a few years. It almost feels like it sped by!

Spoiler TV is holding some midseason polls. Go here to vote on which of the episodes that leaned heavily on comedy are your favorites. Some of these are tough! How can you choose between "You've gotta go be gay for that poor dead intern" and Sam tied to a bed?!

And stay tuned for Friday night's new episode and our recap/review!