Friday, January 29, 2010

Swap Meat

Okay, Thursday is not my best night. I wrote this up last night---and posted it to my own blog! Sorry!

What the hell. Every time Trish stays with me and we watch SPN together, the TV tricks out. Last time I missed 20 minutes, and this time, after the scene in the bar where “Gary” was ordering a banana daiquiri and agreeing with the woman at the bar that he was very good-looking, then the picture went black, then you could hear the Law and Order theme, then a goofy movie with a giant gumball machine came on (this sounds like one of my dreams), then we see Sam walking down the street in a GOOFY costume before being pulled over by the police. When he’s escorted “home” and told to listen to his “father” he freaks out, especially when he catches a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror and sees a teen-aged boy looking back at him.

Finally we’re back on track, and we see Sam checking out his arms in the mirror (Mary pauses the DVR). When he turns away, we see it’s the teen-aged boy who’d been so delighted about being 26 in the bar. He gets Dean to let him drive the Impala, and he guns the engine—right into the trash.

Sam investigates the kid’s room, finding Busty Asian Beauties, Star Wars t-shirts and a cloth with markings (pentagram?) and a sword. Immediately he suspects satanic stuff, and when he’s called to breakfast, he quizzes his parents about “his” behavior. Turns out his sister knows just what he’s into and clues him in on the whereabouts of his special book—his locker at school.

So Sam, wearing a hoodie and doing a fair impression of a teenager, goes to school and finds a “very bad book” in Gary’s locker. Meanwhile, Dean and Gary are hunting a witch. Gary knows where the witch is buried and why and leads Dean into the basement of an old house. As Dean is digging up the grave, Gary holds a rifle on him, only to be blown back by the witch’s ghost when he tries to shoot. Dean is blown back, too, and the witch charges him, which Gary declares “cool.” But I don’t think it’s resolved. The two of them go drinking together and Gary gets drunk on one shot. He orders a bacon cheeseburger and is taken aback when Dean asks who he is and what he’s done with Sam. But Dean goes on to say, “Ordering bacon cheeseburgers now?” Gary runs off with a woman from the bar, saying over his shoulder, “We’re going to DO IT!”

Sam encounters Gary’s high school buddies, who tranq him and hold him hostage because there wasn’t supposed to be an occupant of Gary’s body while he inhabits Sam, and they don’t want him getting in the way. The high school kids, Trevor and Nora, spill the beans. Gary took over Sam’s body in order to kill Dean, because he’s on hell’s most wanted, and the kids want to collect the bounty.

Trevor doesn’t think Gary can go through with killing Dean, so he gets Gary’s book and plans a demon summoning.

Next we see Gary in the hotel room with Dean, looking at a lump in Dean’s bed. He gets Dean’s gun, aims, and Dean steps out of the shadows and punches the kid, finally cluing in.

Trevor calls the demon, who inhabits Nora’s body. He asks for the reward, but all she offers is her undying gratitude. Trevor pushes despite warnings from Sam, asking for millions and the love of a girl. She reaches into his chest and rips his heart out. “Tastes like moron.” He deserved it.

Gary is falling to pieces in Dean’s custody as Dean listens to his voicemail (FINALLY) and then Dean goes flying across the room as Nora appears. (DH pointed out that perhaps the Winchesters should lay down salt at their hotel rooms’ doors and windows.) She unties Gary and asks what he wants. He wants to be a witch for real, out from under his parents’ control. She says he can have it but he has to meet the boss, Lucifer. (Sam’s meat suit is empty, after all.) All he has to do is say yes and he’ll get his reward.

Dean attacks but Nora slams him back and stalks Gary. Gary starts an exorcism, which pisses Nora off, but Dean chimes in, and the two work together to exorcise her. I liked that bit. Then Gary repeats the spell, putting him and Sam back in their rightful bodies.

Dean and Sam drive Gary and Nora home. Sam tells Gary he doesn’t have it so bad and if he wants to get his dad off his back he needed to rebel in a non-Satanic kind of way. He told the kid Nora was into witchcraft because she liked Gary. Gary was all happy. Dean turned to Sam after all was said and done. “That was a nice thing to say.”

“I totally lied,” Sam said. “Kid’s life sucked ass.”

Dean is surprised when Sam said, “All that apple pie family crap is stressful. We didn’t miss a thing.” So was I. Sam from even 2 years ago wouldn’t have said that.

I liked the episode (would have liked it better if I’d SEEN THE WHOLE THING, DAMN YOU CW) and will probably like it better on second viewing. It won’t be a favorite, but it was solid and fun. It probably would have fit better in an earlier season and I'm wondering what happened to Lucifer and Death, but...

What did you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Favorite Guest Stars--the One Shots

A lot of what makes Supernatural awesome is the casting. And Supernatural staff have done an amazing job. Here are some of my favorite guest stars that were on the show only once but left an impression.

10) Todd Stashwick from "Monster Movie." The shapeshifter was so full of angst, you just felt sorry for him.

9) I’m going to say it—Paris Hilton in “Fallen Idols.” I loved how she made fun of herself.

8) Nancy the virgin secretary in “Jus in Bello.” She was one I was sorry to see go.

7) Tessa the Reaper. Okay, technically she was in 2 shows, but still. Great character, great writing.

6) Sarah from “Provenance.” She and Sam of Season One could have had a future together. No more, though L

5) Missouri from “Home.” I love that actress, but she was pretty mean to poor Dean.

4) Ronald from Nightshifter. Also technically in two episodes, but come on. Who can forget about the Mandroid?

3) Ben from “The Kids Are All Right.” I want to see this character again. You?

2) Mr. and Mrs. Christmas in “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” How creepy were they—even when they were being all Christmas-spirity?

1) Julie Benz in “Faith”—Who DIDN’T want her to be cured? And the grace with which she accepted her fate, amazing.

I know Natalie would add Tricia Helfer from “Roadkill” and Trish would add Madison from “Heart” but they weren’t favorites for me. What were yours?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Supernatural News

Can't get enough of the Ghostfacers? Well, you're in luck. Looks like those goofy guys are going to get their own Web series spinoff.

Gateworld is reporting that Michael Shanks (of Stargate SG-1 fame) will be guesting on an upcoming episode of Supernatural.

Speculation about a possible sixth season of Supernatural is continuing to heat up.

Kripke offers unique auction to help Haiti.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review of "Sam, Interrupted"

I have a confession.  Maybe it was the super-long hiatus and my avoidance of spoilers.  Maybe it was the intensity of my work and family obligations over the holidays and through January.  But coming into this week, I was afraid I’d lost my obsessive love passion for this show.

Some of it might have been the promo for this episode, which focused so much on insanity and had the kind of horror movie vibe I avoid unless Jared or Jensen are involved.

So the show started in an insane asylum, an unsympathetic doctor trying to convince a paranoid schizophrenic that the monster she saw kill her roommate wasn’t real.  Then the boys are in the same office. Dean’s checking Sam in. Sam earnestly explains that he’s a little depressed because he started the apocalypse…and all the love came rushing back.

There are two ways to look at this episode: a masterful combination of the classic and the current, or a rehashing of old ideas.  To me, it felt more like the former, mainly because of a high level of humor, an exploration of the boys (both physical AND mental), and superb acting by everyone from the patients to the doctors.

“Sam, Interrupted” follows a pattern established by “Folsom Prison Blues” a couple of seasons ago.  An old friend of Dad’s* calls for their help, so they get themselves checked in to the asylum, in a hilarious sequence where Sam and Dean get to be uniquely honest.  Forget exposition—this may be the best incorporation of a post-hiatus recap ever.  Not that we needed to be reminded that Sam started the apocalypse but it was really Ruby’s fault.

After their…ahem…intimate intake physical, they find Martin, Dad’s old friend.  This requires a little tolerance, since the early seasons established that the boys were not aware of the extent of the hunter network.  The guy at the prison was okay, he was an old military buddy. But then there was Travis, and now Martin, and it’s always an old friend they owe everything to.

But that’s a small flaw.  Martin’s awesome.  Messed up because of whatever happened in Albuquerque, he still has the hunter instinct.  Sam and Dean get the info he’s gleaned, then break out of their cells and start searching.  They’re moments too late to save the next victim, but Sam does a brain autopsy and finds it sucked dry, so Martin figures out it’s a wraith.  It can appear as human, of course, so now they have to check reflections to see the being’s true form.

Dean first thinks it’s the main doctor, the guy in charge, and that doesn’t surprise because he was so harsh.  But when they go after him, he doesn’t react to the silver letter opener Sam slashes him with.  It’s early in the show, so again, we’re not surprised. Then they think it’s Wendy, a patient who kissed Dean, then switched to Sam, because “he’s larger.”  But they find Wendy under attack by the real wraith, who turns out to be the nurse who first checked them in.  Battles ensue, Dean finally defeats her, the boys escape.

The episode followed a common trajectory.  It frontloads the funny—I couldn’t stop giggling all through their intake interview.  Then there was Dean’s reaction to Wendy’s kiss (joining in enthusiastically) and Sam’s opposite reaction (full resistance, complete with bitchface), and Dean getting “thraped.”  And who of us will ever forget, when they get caught in the morgue, Dean pantsing himself, throwing up his arms, and yelling “Pudding!” 

Then things get more serious as the episode goes on.  Dean gives real answers to his shrink’s questions, and she takes note of the humongous weight of his burden, whether it’s real or not. When the wraith’s poison, designed to bring on the crazy (and the apparently very tasty surges of hormones and chemicals), starts to effect both the boys, things get painful.  None of it’s new stuff, but it’s nice that they’re alluding to it.  It’s realistic that Dean is struggling with the burden of having to save everybody, and Sam is full of rage, and they’re both trying to deal with those things in the same ways they always have.  Sam wants Dean to confront his feelings, Dean wants Sam to bury his.

One of the things I liked in this episode was snipping loose threads.  The nurse/wraith talks to Sam (mmmm, restrained Sam…) about knowing Martin’s a hunter, but he’s a mess, and they blabbed about hunting monsters, which made them easy targets.  Otherwise, I’d have been rolling my eyes that she went after them immediately, when Martin and other patients had been there a long time without being targeted.

One loose thread I kind of hope they get to revisit someday: Albuquerque.  Whatever happened there was bad, bad enough that Martin didn’t think he could overcome it, until he had to.  (I hope Kissing Wendy survives!)

Bottom line: Not an amazing episode, but a solidly done one that I’ll enjoy revisiting next time we have an unendurable hiatus!

A note about next week: How bummed am I? How can they have a body switching episode where Sam switches with some random teenager, and not with DEAN?!  I curse misleading teasers. *pouts*

So, what about you?  What did you think of this episode?  What did you like or dislike, especially about parts I missed or forgot to mention?  Hit the comments!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Floor of the Writers' Room

It goes without saying that we’re excited about the show coming back on tomorrow! But lately, SPN fans have also been excited about the possibility of the show coming back next year. Television history demonstrates that sometimes series which have been on the air awhile have to alter their original direction—characters who have been in high school for the show's entire run move on to new settings and plots on college campuses; a show that was initially based on the “power of three” sisters killed one off and had to cast about for a way to play off the premise; and after four seasons of fighting Wolfram and Hart, Angel accepts a job offer to work for them.

So, if the Winchesters return for an unexpected sixth season after the Apocalypse (which many feel is a natural end), will it be more of the same, or will the writers revamp the show entirely?

I was recently given a wadded up piece of paper from an unnamed source (my imagination. What, you named yours?) Said paper is rumored to have been found near the wastebasket in the Supernatural Writers’ Room, giving us a rare what-might-have-been peek at some proposed—but ultimately rejected—new directions for the brothers Winchester.

1. In the season five finale, Dean is killed in a climactic battle but, during the episode’s last few seconds, “downloads” into a new body. Season six opens with Sam’s stunned realization that his brother is a Cylon. The resulting story arc unravels the mystery of who else might not be human and why Bobby is suddenly hearing Dylan music.

2. With the Apocalypse behind them, Sam returns to law school and the sixth season premiere kicks off SPN's new legal-drama format. Sam finds himself defending Dean against a murder charge. Richard Speight Jr. guest stars as the prosecuting attorney.

3. The Apocalypse is over. But our boys are so traumatized by what they’ve seen and done that all they want to do is forget for a few years. Enter a mysterious British woman who works for a shadowy corporation. She offers them the refuge of a temporary fresh slate, if they will allow their minds to be wiped clean and “imprinted” with different personalities…some of which might be sent on risqué assignments such as sleeping with multiple female clients. However, this show never really finds its feet and is ultimately axed, due to Dean scoffing that he’s perfectly happy to sleep with dozens of women without any personality transfers and Sam--broad-shouldered, tall, tall Sam—inadvertently breaks the treatment chair the first time he sits in it.

4. Now that the day has been saved and demons have retreated below to lick their wounds, Hunters everywhere are at loose ends. What to do next? With their accumulated knowledge of American diner cuisine, Sam, Dean and others compete against each other for the title of Top Short Order Cook. Quickfire challenges include best roadtrip snack and best new take on pig in a poke. The entire season is hosted by Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio, with the Ghostfacers rounding out Judge’s Table.



It’s probably best that the writers aren’t going with any of these and we all just wait to see what Kripke and Co. decide!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Jared Padalecki is one of three stars rumored to be a possible candidate for the new Conan the Barbarian remake.

VARIOUS SUPERNATURAL ITEMS ON SALE THIS WEEK. SAVE UP TO 50% OFF!!! Sale prices end 8:00pm ET Monday, January 18, 2010 - While Supplies Last

Colin Ford (ColinFordActor) tweeted that he’s returned home from Vancouver where he had a “blast” filming SPN, but can’t give away any spoilers.

Chad Lindberg (ChadLindberg) tweeted that he had his mom re-pierce his ear to play Dr. Badass. Now that’s painful commitment!

Traci Dinwiddie (GrooveGoddess) tweeted that she finished filming Elena Undone. The IMDB blurb says, “Fate brings two diversely different women together, and sets them on a collision course that will shatter their preconceived notions about love, life and the power of one's soul.”

Danneel Harris has been in a tweet war with E!’s Ted Casablanca over her engagement to Jensen. The girl put Ted in his place though!

Jim Beaver (JumbleJim) recently tweeted that he took a meeting with the History Channel about a new series, “Me, a host? Hmm.”

Supernatural received a GLAAD nomination. “The Real Ghostbusters” was recognized as an Outstanding Individual Episode in a series without a regular LGBT character.

And, lastly, a casting call has gone out for episode 5.17 – 99 Problems. If you don’t mind a minor spoiler check it out here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Season Six a Good Idea?

So Kripke is rumored to be thinking about a season 6. And as much as I love this show, love love love this show, I wonder if this is a good idea. Kripke had a vision, and if he continues the story past that, will it weaken the concept? I looked at other long-running shows to see how they fared past season 5. Kripke is talented, but so are Joss, Amy and Shonda, as well as Lindeloff and Cuse.

Buffy—Was meant to end after Season 5, with Buffy facing off with Glory. Maybe it should have stopped then, but then we wouldn’t have “Once More With Feeling.”

Gilmore Girls—should have ended after season 5, with Luke and Lorelei happily ever after. The estrangement, April and the Chris/Lorelei thing…ugh. Even Zack and Lane. I did like the mother’s larger role.

LOST—okay, it had a rough spot or two with the tailies, but boy, I can’t wait for Season 6. It certainly picked up when the writers knew they had an end date. I think that was wise.

Monk—the dh and I stopped watching because Monk stopped being sympathetic.

24—this one has had some hit and miss seasons. I liked last season, but the one with Audrey? No thanks.

Sex and the City—Okay, I could have done without the Paris trip, but then, Mikhail Baryshnikov. But I loved the Samantha/Smith story.

Grey’s Anatomy—It started losing ground in season 5, and now most of the people I know are hit and miss with what used to be appointment TV.

Friends ran for 10 years, but a comedy, I think, is different. This show had its flat moments, particularly after Ross and Emily married in season 5. The next five seasons of will-they-won’t-they at least played in the background most of the time, and the Monica/Chandler relationship saved it. Elle Macpherson was a misstep, as was Ross dating his student. Brad Pitt was a win, though. And Joey’s Thanksgiving pants.

ER—I stopped watching ER when Maura Tierney became a regular. Her sadsack character irritated me, and every time ratings rolled around, something blew up in the ER. That wasn’t how the show started, because it was a story about the people and relationships. It morphed into something else.

I know some of you watch Smallville and NCIS, which are both long-running shows. Is this good or bad? What do you think about the possibility of a Supernatural Season Six?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One more week...

We're just over a week away from new episodes of Supernatural. Yay! In Episode 11, "Sam, Interrupted," the boys get themselves checked into a mental institution to seek out what is attacking the patients. Hmm, this sounds familiar. Oh yes, sounds like "Folsom Prison Blues," when they got themselves thrown into prison for the same reason. But as horrifying as being in prison would be, it seriously creeps me out more to think about going undercover in a mental institution. All kinds of fears come out -- like what if I really do begin to doubt my sanity or the staff becomes convinced I'm not sane and keeps me there?

Part of the synopsis for the show says, "their incarceration pushes both to the breaking point as they unleash their inner demons against each other." I'm curious how this will manifest, and how far it will go. Any guesses? Here's the trailer to give you some glimpses of the show:

Another question -- are there any spooky places or situations the boys haven't encountered yet that you'd like to see them explore?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Supernatural News for the Second-to-Last Week of Hiatus

Thanks to MJ for feeding me so many links this week! :) She's responsible for, like, three-quarters of this post!

Including this BREAKING NEWS! Okay, it broke Saturday. Ausiello at has a post quoting Dawn Ostroff as saying Kripke is warming to a sixth season. She certainly sounds in favor of it, and as some "experts" have pointed out, their slate and track record are hurting bad, so they'll want Supernatural back. "Success" at the CW is crash-and-burn anywhere else, and thank goodness for that! (The day after Ausiello posted, The TV Addict posted a short interview with Dawn Ostroff.)

Check out The People's Choice Awards, in which Supernatural won Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show!

Next, we have to post The Second Biggest News: Jared is definitely engaged to Genevieve.

More awards. And end-of-year accolades, and here and here and here.

Spoilers here. I didn't look. :)

There's a Mr. Twitter contest going on. When I compiled this, Misha Collins was at #3, Jim Beaver at #5, Rob Benedict(?) (Chuck) at #7, Chad Lindberg (Ash) at #10, and Colin Ford(?) (Young!Sam) at #11. (Note: (?) means these are not verified accounts, and I personally have seen or heard nothing that confirms they are the actual actor instead of fan imposters. Misha and Jim I'm pretty certain are accurate, but I wouldn't, like, bet my life on it or anything. :) ) ETA: I've been contacted by someone who knows Chad who says this is his actual Twitter account, and additional research bears it out. :)

I got an e-mail about a podcast Todd Stashwick did. I haven't listened yet, and it sounds like he only briefly mentions Supernatural, but if you're interested: (links to iTunes) or (links to

And finally, Support Supernatural is launching its 2010 campaign. This site has a dual purpose: raising awareness of the show, and raising money for charity. In 2009 they were approached to support A Dog's Life Rescue, a pet (get it?) charity of Jared Padalecki's, and they raised around $17,000 for them. Their goal in 2010 is $30,000, and Creation Entertainment has joined in to help them. Which means you can win some really cool sh**. :) Check it out!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love Is in the Air (and so are Lycans, Druids, and the Apocalpyse)

Generally speaking, we here at Supernatural Sisters keep the focus on Supernatural (as it should be!) and don't talk too much about the fact that we sisters write books (when we're not staring at Jensen and Jared on screen). No fear, that's not about to change, but in addition to Terri's great post earlier this week on "angels being the new vampire," I wanted to talk about books, too. In honor of both the guys' alleged engagements, I thought I'd briefly mention romance! With the show on hiatus until Jan 21, you might be looking for alternate forms of escape. Plus, romance novels can be a great way to feed your paranormal addiction while you're waiting for certain brothers to return to the screen...

So what romance authors might appeal to you? Well, what are your favorite aspects of Supernatural?

If the dark apocalyptic episodes like "Good God Y'all" appeal to you, you might enjoy Jessica Andersen's novels of the Final Prophecy (the 2012 Mayan doomsday). Romance, strong writing and the end of the world!

If you like interconnected episodes that are heavy on mythology instead of the standalones, you might want to dip your toes into Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, which uses lots of world-building in what she calls The Lore, overlapping tales of vampires, Lycan, Valkyrie, demons and more... Her books remind me of Dean--sexy, irreverently funny and sometimes poignant when you were least expecting it.

If Castiel is secretly your favorite character, you should check out Meljean Brooks' Guardian series, whose backstory includes seraphim and fallen angels.

If your favorite episodes of Supernatural are the ones that make you laugh like Mystery Spot or Hollywood Babylon (Dean as the production assistant cracked me up) , Natale Stenzel writes some funny paranormal romances (including The Druid Made Me Do It).

Finally, if you are made of braver stuff than me and actually LIKE the episodes that scare the hell out of you, you might be up for Rita Herron's Demonborn series. After reading the first one, Insatiable Desire, I totally had to sleep with the light on!

So those are my recommendations of entertaining ways to get your paranormal fix while we await the boys' return. What about you guys? Read anything good lately fans of Sam and Dean might enjoy?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Angels Are The New Vampire

Unless you’ve been living on another planet you’re aware that vampires have sank their fangs into TV, movies and books. But rumor has it those bloodsuckers are running dry. The new big thing in books and movies is angels. Especially fallen angels. Instead of chaste vampires, we’ll be seeing naughty celestial beings.

We’ve already mentioned Legion for the silver screen. Now you can expect to see lots and lots of books. Becca Fitzgerald’s Hush, Hush and Lauren Kate’s Fallen (both YA) have garnered mega attention, even a Disney deal. In an article for The Independent, Cindy Hwang, executive editor at Berkley Books, said she believes the resurgence in angels has to do with the Mayan prophecy for 2012. "People are thinking about the apocalypse. That's why the angel craze this time is darker. The ambiguity reflects how we feel about the world."

Hmm, the apocalypse and rogue angels…sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Seems Supernatural was ahead of the trend. Hopefully this will mean an even greater increase in ratings.

For a list of more angel books (adult and YA) check out the excellent article by
Susie Mesure.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Supernatural News for the First Week of January

Supernatural news is VERY scarce this week.

The show starts in syndication today on TNT. It’s showing in the AM, not sure what demographic they’re going for there.

The opening sequence of “Changing Channels” was on’s “Top 100 of Everything” list at NUMBER 5!

The Christmas Eve airing of “A Very Supernatural Christmas” garnered less than a million viewers, but come on. Christmas Eve, what do you expect?

Sam was #9 on Top Shirtless Guys in 2009.

And there’s a rumor that he’s engaged, too. Anyone friends with Genevieve on Facebook? Is that part true?

Anyone seen Paranormal Activity? Anyone else wishing for the Winchesters to take care of that?