Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let It Bleed recap

The first thing I have to say is, my son will love this episode. First, we have a man typing The End on a book in March of 1937, only to have something crash through the window and kill him, spraying his blood on the manuscript, written by H.P. Lovecraft.
Meanwhile, back at Bobby’s, Sam, Dean and Bobby are talking about the journals, and H.P. Lovecraft, who often wrote about opening doors between dimensions, when Ben calls. Some men have broken into the house, killed Lisa’s new boyfriend and have taken her, and are coming for Ben. Dean tells Ben to jump out the window, but too late. The phone falls and Crowley picks it up. Crowley’s lines are too great and numerous to recount here, but he wants Dean and “Jolly Green” to stand down, and Lisa and Ben will keep breathing. Dean still wants to go after Ben and Lisa, and they call Balthazar to help. He’s snarky, until they reveal that Castiel is working with Crowley, going halvsies on the souls in purgatory. Balthazar disappears without helping, but he’s clearly surprised by their revelation.
Meanwhile, Bobby follows the Lovecraft lead, to an expert who lives in a basement and has a long-term online relationship. He has some of Lovecraft’s personal papers, and the man asks if he’s working with the other guy, “Trench coat, looks like Columbo, talks like Rain Man.” Bobby said they’re rivals, working on rival magazines. The man tells Bobby that there was a dinner party at Lovecraft’s house, a group of people casting a spell to open a door to another dimension. The man had papers about it, but when he went to fetch them, they were gone. Bobby realizes Castiel took them. He calls Sam to tell him about the dinner party, and the fact that all invited guests were dead or disappeared within a year. Bobby is heading to talk to the maid’s son, who was nine at the time, now 83, locked in a mental ward.
The old man asks about Castiel, calling him a liar. He tells Bobby about the spell, and how it didn’t fail. Something invisible came through, but it came for his mother. It went into her, and then killed the others. Bobby tells him he’s sorry about his mom, the first person to say so. Then he shows Bobby a picture of his mom that shocks Bobby, but we aren’t shown.
Balthazar summons Castiel from a conversation with Crowley to ask him about his involvement with Crowley. Turns out the souls will give him power. Balthazar says it can go wrong, Castiel can explode, taking half the planet with him. Balthazar agrees to go along with the plan, while telling Cass how upset Sam and Dean are.
Sam and Dean are interrogating demons, looking for Ben and Lisa. Dean smudges the devil’s trap and one of the demons gets free and is killing him when Castiel steps in. Dean says he didn’t ask for his help, which surprises Cass, who says, “You’re welcome,” anyway. Castiel tells Dean he didn’t know about Lisa and Ben. Cass says trust should run both ways, but Dean can’t. He’s torn up. Castiel promises to find Lisa and Ben and bring them back, but he wants Dean to stand behind him the one time he asks. He denies Cass’s offer.
Bobby heads for a cabin with a symbol on the door, and a beautiful blonde opens the door. “It’s been awhile,” Bobby says. Not sure if he’s calling her Ellie or Allie, but she’s the woman from the picture. He knows what she is. She’s 900 years old. He asks why she’s taking so long. “You’re from freaking Purgatory. You never thought to mention that when we were sleeping together?” She likes the planet and has been trying to keep purgatory closed for 75 years. Bobby warns her that Castiel is looking for her. He wants to know how to open the door, but she said it’s too dangerous. He offers to protect her but she declines, saying she’s better protecting herself.
Sam is back at Bobby’s, and Balthazar shows up, officially on their team. He’s there for his survival, thinking Castiel is bonkers for wanting to swallow up all those souls. He has found Lisa and Ben, but can’t get them because it’s angel-proof. He takes Sam and Dean to a warehouse, where they stab a demon who’s coming out. They enter the building and split up. Sam gets knocked unconscious and thrown into a dirty cell. Lisa and Ben are tied up, old-fashioned villain style, to a post, and hear fighting outside the door. LOL! The other demons go to investigate, more fighting, a demon comes crashing through the door, and Lisa and Ben see Dean fighting. Dean cuts them loose. But, yikes, as he’s leaving, Lisa grabs Ben back and lifts a knife ♦to his throat. She’s possessed! Didn’t see that coming. Crowley had a demon possess her just in case Dean came. The demon says some crappy things, like Dean being the worst mistake she made, other than keeping Ben. Dean throws holy water on her and she releases Ben, and Dean attacks her, but can’t hit her. He starts exorcising her. She grabs the knife and STABS HERSELF! The demon taunts him to exorcise her now, because she’ll die. He continues the exorcism, crying, and Lisa falls. He can’t reach Sam, who’s been knocked unconscious and locked up. He carries Lisa out, and Ben has to carry the shotgun. He shoots three, then they find Sam, who steals a car and they race to a hospital with a bleeding Lisa.
After the LONGEST COMMERCIAL BREAK EVER, we see Dean and Ben at Lisa’s side in the hospital. She’s intubated and comatose, and Ben’s devastated. He won’t talk to Dean. Castiel walks in and places a hand on Lisa’s head, healing her. Dean is grateful, but it changes nothing. Castiel walks out, saying he wanted to fix what he could. Dean asks for one more favor. When Lisa wakes up, Ben tells her they were in a car crash, which apparently he also believes. And they don’t remember Dean when he shows up, saying he was the guy who hit them. He’d lost control and was glad they were okay, and that their lives could get back to normal. HEARTBREAKING! Poor Dean looks like he’s been hit in the gut.
Sam tells him it’s the crappiest thing he’s ever done, whitewashing their memories. Dean tells Sam never to mention Lisa and Ben to him, or he’ll break his nose. They drive off.
The last scene is Ellie/Allie walking to her car, only to be confronted by Castiel, who takes her away. WHERE???
How awesome was that? Now....the second hour!


Trish Milburn said...

It broke my heart too when Dean had Castiel make Lisa and Ben forget him. So, so sad.

Loved the line from early on about the journal he had copied, something like. "Nice to meet ya, paranoid old guy here."

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Me, too! Dean was in so much pain, giving them up. I'm not convinced they'll be any safer--HE has to know they mean something, in order for them to be good targets. They don't have to know it. I loved Sam's reaction, too, because it seemed to come from the POV that he was robbing them of having known Dean, and despite the dangers and frustrations, they were better off for having him in their lives.

Oh, yeah, Bobby was awesome. "Have you MET me?" Or however he said it. :)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

This was the first time I ever cried during an episode of Supernatural. The part with Dean at the hospital.

*looking around for my heart, which dropped out of my chest*

On a freaky note - the guy who played the H.P. Lovecraft expert in the basement with the longterm online relationship is one of my fellow film school grads - Adam Reid! I totally flipped out when he came onscreen! But he is an actor, so it wasn't completely wacko.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That's so cool, Julia, seeing someone you know/knew!

I know what you mean about heart being ripped out. Man, Jensen sells emotion, doesn't he? :)