Friday, October 28, 2011

"Slash Fiction" Recap

Hmm, methinks the Sam and Dean who are robbing a bank and killing all the patrons and employees are not the real Sam and Dean.

Next we have Bobby trying to make the captured leviathan talk and he's having no luck. When Dean asks the leviathan how he found them, the guy says it was easy and starts talking about using algorithms tracking their known aliases.

Bobby: "Great. Just what we need, a Mensa monster."

The monster says he's the least of their worries, and Sam and Dean see the news that they supposedly robbed a bank and killed everyone.

Dean: "Those sons of bitches Xeroxed us. We find these ass monkeys and we kill them ourselves."

Bobby sends the boys to see a friend of his, Frank, but when they arrive the guy pulls a gun on them and asks who sent them. "NSA, the Feeb, March of Dimes?"

Frank seems freaked out and trigger-happy when the respond with Bobby's name. Okay, this guy is funny. He gives the boy new aliases, Tom and John Smith, and tells them no more rock shout-outs with their names. He tells them to ditch the Impala.

Dean is obviously not happy about having to leave the Impala behind, saying something about putting baby in a corner.

Sam: "You know that's a line from--"
Dean: "Swayze movie. Swayze always gets a pass."

LOL! Dean starts singing to the radio playing Air Supply's "I'm All Out of Love."

Sam is looking at a map of where the dopplegangers have hit, and he realizes they're places where he and Dean have done cases before. Jericho -- Lady in White. Black Water Ridge -- Wendigo. Lady Manatonka -- the kid in the lake. They're in order, from the day Sam left Stanford. Hello, Season 1!

Sam and Dean roll into the next town the dopplegangers are to hit and see them, but the cops roll up and arrest the real Sam and Dean. Oops.

Meanwhile, back at Bobby's cabin, the leviathan has turned into Bobby but then something starts dripping from the ceiling and burning holes in the guy. It's the first thing that has had any effect. Bobby runs upstairs where the lady sheriff (Jodi) is cleaning the floor and...he kisses her!!! Then he asks what was in the bucket.

The dopplegangers switch forms into two cops to get into the police station to see Sam and Dean.

Hey, look, the sheriff is Col. Tigh from Battlestar Galactica.

Sheriff sees the baddies eating one of his deputies and decides to trust Dean. He helps him take out bad Sam. Then we see bad Dean talking with real Sam, and he spills the beans that real Dean killed Amy a couple of episodes back.

Uh oh, one of the FBI agents is a leviathan (I had that suspicion) and comes back to kill the sheriff and his daughter, the medical examiner.

Crowley shows up in the car of the head leviathan trying to make deal, but the head leviathan doesn't think too highly of demons and tells Crowley so in no uncertain terms. I'm thinking this will tick off Crowley enough that he will go back to helping Sam and Dean, but who knows. Maybe I just want to see Crowley on the side of good because he cracks me up sometimes.

Sam confronts Dean about killing Amy then walks away, telling Dean he can't be around him now. And then Sam walks off. Sigh. Brothers separated again. I wonder how long this will last.


Unknown said...

I know they do it for drama, but I really hate when the brothers separate. I don't know how they're going repair this divide, though.

I love, love the dialogue in this ep and the scene in the car with Dean lip-synching Air Supply was priceless. Like in Yellow Fever when he performed Eye of the Tiger. I also thoroughly when they played the leviathan playing them. We needed this considering the way things ended. Great comedic affect.

Anonymous said...

Most awesome episode! Loved it. I replayed the Air Supply scene a couple times. There were a lot of great one-liners too and I was thrilled about Bobby and Jody. Now I just hope she sticks around...and lives.

I agree there's a good shot Crowley will team up with the Winchesters now. And boo on the brothers being at odds again. I just knew Dean Adjacent was going to out that secret. :s

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

There were two things I really loved about this episode:

1. The homages to past seasons. Not just the places the Leviathans went (we figured out St. Louis was Skin, but I had to go get the Season 1 disks to see what Iowa was [Hookman!]). (Anyone else surprised how easily they remembered every job? In order? LOL) When Bad!Winchesters walked into that first bank, Number One said "I just had a flashback to Ron and the laser eyes." And then they did the vault thing. The diner reminded me of Mystery Spot, though it was probably more like the episode where they got The Mother. And when they were captured, it was mostly Jus in Bello, but had hints of The Usual Suspects.

2. I loved that they found a way to neutralize the Leviathans without getting rid of them. Now they can be set on the back burner without having to start each case with "We should be... Yeah, but no leads, no weapons... Might as well just work a regular job." :) I could go on and on about this, but I'll do it at my own blog and not hog the comments. LOL

I agree, great one-liners, LOVED Jody and Bobby (though I have to watch again so I can enjoy them without the tension of thinking it might not be her...even though it still might not have been). LOVED the singing. Dean was so into the song, and Sam was so incredulous.

I'm really glad they didn't drag out the Amy thing. Sam's reaction was really the only one it could have been, but the preview did show them working together in the next episode, so I'm hopeful that will resolve fairly quickly. (Can't have progress without setbacks, right?)

Patricia Preston said...

This is my favorite episode of the season so far. I loved the one-liners and Dean singing. Plus Crowley is back.

Anonymous said...

Nat, I initially thought the same thing when I saw next week's preview, but I just don't think they'd resolve things that fast so either the episode is out of sequence, which they've sometimes done, or they just didn't show the anger in the teaser. Hopefully the tension is short lived.

Did you read Kim Rhodes tweets? She talked about what a great kisser Jim was and how soft his beard is. LOL.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I considered the possibility that it's out of sequence, but that would be really stupid. :) When they did it before, it didn't have much impact on the overarching story.

So I'm thinking it will be addressed in the beginning of the episode. All of the preview bits might be from later on.

I didn't see Kim Rhodes' tweets. Awwww! :)