Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Thoughts on Bobby's Return

Hi, everybody!

So, you may have heard that Bobby's going to be back on Supernatural!

(Jim Beaver tweeted confirmation, and also posted some really funny episode loglines on Facebook. Check them out, if you haven't already!)

So there's a lot of talk about Bobby's death, ghost, re-death, and transfer from hell to heaven. I read some of the comments on the TVLine posting, and that prompted me to come over here and post a few thoughts.

1. Bobby's Death
I was as unhappy as anyone when Sera Gamble took Bobby away from us. As a writer, I could understand her narrative exploration. As a fan, I was all OH, COME ON! Leave us SOMETHING, geez! But "Death's Door" was so beautifully done, and Jim Beaver was as masterful as he was in "Weekend at Bobby's," so it left me of two minds, as so much of the last few seasons has. It also happened on Supernatural, where no one is ever gone for long.

2. Bobby's Ghost
A lot of commenters talk about how Bobby's character was "butchered" and how bad the whole ghost storyline was. I boggle. Can I tell you how excited I was when the beer was empty? And the book fell on the floor? And I screamed when Bobby appeared in that empty motel room. "Balls!" I thought they missed out on a great opportunity to turn their own mythology on its head. Bobby didn't choose to stay because of a need for vengeance, but out of love and a need to help the boys. Didn't it make more sense for him to *not* go all evil spirit? I guess there's something to be said for consistency...

3. Bobby in Hell
I haven't rewatched "Taxi Driver" yet, so I'm not sure my first impressions will hold up. Like many fans, I thought it felt a little rushed and that it was too easy to get into and out of Hell. But then after that, I had plenty of arguments for the opposite side of things. People reference how Castiel and a full team of angels had to battle their way to Dean. Well, Dean was a hot commodity with a LOT of demons determined to get their pound of (literal) flesh, and while Bobby surely had his demon enemies, he didn't have a higher purpose like Dean did (first seal and all). Plus, Alistair and Crowley are completely different kinds of demons. Alistair was...well, let's say passionate about his craft. Whereas Crowley was all business and scientific interest. And finally, the angels didn't have access to purgatory. They had to battle through Hell proper. So the ease of getting Bobby out is actually pretty logical.

4. Bobby in Heaven
Who can really picture Bobby relaxing in Heaven? He needs a purpose. I'm sure he's been chafing for a job ever since he got there.

5. Bringing Bobby Back
As many people as there are cheering, there are booing this development. Again, I boggle. What show are they watching, and why? Next to Sam and Dean (and an argument can be made for more than the boys), Bobby is the best-developed character on the show. And if they've come up with something new for him, I can't wait.

So, what do you think about Bobby coming back? Any theories about how/why it's going to happen?