Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Very Supernatural Top Ten


Top Ten Funniest Scenes

1) Playthings, when the boys enter the attic to see Rose. “Dude, you are not going to poke her with a stick!”
2) Ghostfacers, particularly the first scene where the Ghostfacers are speaking to the camera about the writer’s strike
3) A Very Supernatural Christmas. “You fudging touch me again and I’ll fudging kill you!”
4) Mystery Spot. “Do these tacos taste funny to you?”
5) Wishing Well. The teddy bear. I’m laughing just thinking about it.
6) The Monster at the End of this Book. “I am the Prophet Chuck.” Or, “You should have seen Luke.”
7) The Monster at the End of this Book. Sam Slash Dean.
8) Bad Day at Black Rock. Sam’s shoe.
9) What Is and What Shall Never Be. Dean mowing the lawn.
10) Yellow Fever. Dean screaming when he finds the cat in the locker.


Top Ten Metallicar Moments

1) Croatoan. Trying to get away from the infected men near the bridge. Nice spin!
2) Bloodlust. Cruising over the hill as “Back in Black” plays.
3) Pilot. Crashing into the house to take the ghost home.
4) Everybody Loves a Clown. Getting beat to hell by Dean. (The only reason to watch that episode, BTW.)
5) Devil’s Trap. The crash. Still makes me catch my breath.
6) Route 666. Outrunning the haunted truck.
7) Nightshifter. Giving the boys refuge after their night in the bank, while “Renegade” plays.
8) Croatoan. Being given to strangers when Dean chooses to stay with Sam.
9) Simon Says. Being given to Andy without thought, thanks to mind control.
10) What Is and What Shall Never Be. Having only some tools and skin magazines in her trunk. “What do you know, baby? We’re civilians.”


Top Ten Scariest Episodes

1) Blood Mary (she could be anywhere!)
2) Scarecrow (he was creeeepy!)
3) Skin (he could look just like you!)
4) Nightshifter (STILL could look just like you!)
5) Asylum
6) Devil’s Trap (YED was Daddy!!!)
7) Hunted (Gordon was nuts)
8) Born Under a Bad Sign (Sam! Possessed!)
9) Jus in Bello (Trapped!)
10) No Rest for the Wicked (Dean! Hell!!! Sam can’t help!)



Winter said...

I So agree with your top 10 funniest scenes. Especially they Yellow Fever one. When Dean screams when the cat jumps out I thought I was going to die laughing. There's actually a long scene to that. It was in the promo where they were listed as one of the top shows and it shows Dean screaming and jumping around. I'm hoping they included it on the blooper reel ;-)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Brilliant, Mary!

In Funniest Scenes, I'd put the one in "Playthings" when Sam is drunk and calls Dean bossy and short. That one's my all-time favorite.

And there are so many in "Mystery Spot," but the one where they're saying the same thing about Sam's ruler is priceless. And when Sam tells Dean he peed himself, and he says, "Of course I peed myself! A man gets hit by a car, of course he's going to pee himself!"

I must go back and watch.

sarah said...

These lists make me want to watch just about every episode all over again! I think that the "Hollywood" episodes (don't ask me the title of it) had some really great moments in it!

Anonymous said...

Great post, MJ! Makes me want to rewatch a lot of episodes. Think I'll do that after my surgery. If Dean and Same can't make me feel better nothing can!

tetewa said...

I enjoyed the top tens, only one more day till the finale!

Sister Spooky said...

I think the funniest lines are in AVSC when Sam and Dean go to the shop to find out where the wreaths come from. The shop owner says that Madge Kerrigan gives them to him for free and Dean asks him if he sells them for free and the shop owner says something like, "Heck no. Its Christmas. People pay a buttload for this crap" and Dean says, "That's the spirit." Makes me laugh every time.

Jennifer Roland said...

Top ten lists are so hard. I like your picks, but with all of them, I kept thinking, "Oh yah, those were great. But there was also..." It's hard to pick a favorite.

The one-liners have gotten more clever over the years. The first 10 minutes of The Monster at the End of the This Book had me practically rolling in the floor.

The scary:gore coefficient has changed, too. The earlier episodes were scarier; these days the episodes are gorier.

My verification word is "undefier." There's a joke there; I can feel it.

kaybee said...

I agree with all your top 10's! Bloody Mary was the creepiest episode IMO too. I was scared to look in my bathroom mirror after that. lol.
There were so many funny moments in Mystery Spot. And Jared and Jensen have said that Jensen did so many screams for the Yellow Fever moment and they both hope that made the gag reel.

kaybee said...

Oh and I count this as a Metallicar moment- the end of "A Very Supernatural Christmas". When it shows the outside of the motel room and the lights reflecting off her hood as she's watching her boys have Christmas.

MJFredrick said...

Oh, yes, Drunk!Sam!!! Loved that. I don't care for the episode as a whole, but it had great lines.

Kaybee! Absolutely, the Metallicar at the end of the Christmas episode! How could I forget??

Jennifer, I had to keep rewinding The Monster at the End of This Book because I was laughing so hard I missed what they were saying! You made me think of another favorite part in that episode: "Horror was one thing, but to live through bad writing...if I'd known it was real, I would have given it another pass!"

Trish Milburn said...

Fun top tens, MJ. Love the Sam and his lost shoe. :)

Winter, I loved that promo with Dean screaming. LOL! BTW, I just turned in a YA novel where the heroine's name is Winter.

Bloody Mary is one of the scariest urban legends to me. Trust me, I'm not going to try it out.

Lori T said...

I love your top ten lists and what great choices. I am rewatching all the episodes again as I came into Supernatural late and had to buy all the seasons to get caught up. I do not know how I was not watching this from day one.

Again, great top ten.

phouse1964 said...

I don't know how you picked only 10 funny moments because there are so many. I love this show because not only does it make me laugh but it tears my heart out and scares me too.

Alyssa said...

I love the top ten lists.... I really like the Yellow Fever: Dean screaming about the cat, as well as the Eye of the Tiger scene. I like Sam's "I lost my shoe" too. There are so many great one-liners in this show - you should start a list of favorite one-liners!