Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Week's Supernatural News

Since news is light this week (and a lot of it is related to slipping ratings--but we won't talk about that), let's start with the pretty...

Remember that issue of Entertainment Weekly last spring that got the whole "final season" conversation started? All of the photos from the shoot have been released (or accessed/stolen/snuck out/whatever). Here are a couple of my favorites:

Jensen Ackles is rumored to be attached to the 2010 movie Resident Evil: Afterlife with Milla Jovovich (confirmed) and Eva Mendes, Ali Larter, and Jason O'Mara (all rumored). I haven't been a huge fan of the RE movies, but I did go see Resident Evil: Apocalypse becuase Oded Fehr was in it. How can I do less for Jensen?

Jensen also gets a mention in this We Are Movie Geeks article about making a movie about The Flash. It's a brief mention, referencing Jensen losing the Green Lantern casting battle as a popular underdog, with a half-sentence speculation about his suitability for this role. I also saw some polls including him for the Captain America role, which of course is fan speculation rather than industry info, but it's fun to contemplate. I for one would love to see either J get a superhero gig. Or a romantic comedy, for pity's sake!

Two Entertainment Weekly issues ago, the Must List contained a reader-supplied description of Supernatural. It would be nicer if they'd mention the show every week in the Must Watch section (which they did do in the latest issue), or even half as often as they talk about Gossip Girl, but every little mention helps!

This isn't news, it's gossip, although it's at least confirmed gossip. :) Since so many of us Supernatural fans are also Joss Whedon fans, I thought it worth a mention:

Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly, Alpha from Dollhouse) and Adrianne Palicki (Jessica from Supernatural, Tyra on Friday Night Lights) are dating! Adrianne is also currently filming Red Dawn with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

2010 conventions are being announced all over the world! In the U.S. (+Vancouver), Creation Entertainment has the most events. They've got Chicago this November, then LA, New Jersey, and Vancouver scheduled for next year. (LA and Vancouver sold out their Gold Package tickets already!) There will also be Jus in Bello in Rome in April, Brazil in May, and Asylum in the UK, also in May. A source for lots of information on cons is the Supernatural Wiki.

And finally, for those of you who aren't trying to keep completely spoiler free, this link has a clip and TV spot from this week's show.


Anonymous said...

Jensen said on stage in Vancouver in August that all the talk about Green Lantern, Captain America and Resident Evil are just rumors. He's never gotten any calls, read any scripts for them or gone to any auditions.

phoephoe said...

Jensen denied any ties to Resident Evil, besides not having any time to film due to his current role on Supernatural, they hadn't contacted him.

It's all wishful thinking.

Unknown said...


thank you for mentioning Jus In Bello Convention!

jus in bello staff

MJFredrick said...

Wow, isn't Alan, like, significantly older than Adrianne? She's only 24.

Barbara said...

Alan's 38 so it's not like he's ready for the walker quite yet. He was just awesome on Dollhouse and of course I adore Wash. Now if only we can get the boys to be shirtless more often. I don't think that's too much to ask.

MJFredrick said...

LOL, Bard Girl. I'm older than that, so good ;) Still, 14 years...

I'm with you on the shirtless, but Sam's sideburns have got to go. They're a little too Zoolander for me.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I know I schedule this to post tomorrow! *scowls at Blogger*

Thanks, smantha and phoe, though I don't think "wishful thinking" is the right way to put it, at least not for me. :) I realize I didn't put that my source for the RE rumor was IMDb--I don't know where they got it originally or why it hasn't been changed since August. I also indicated the others were not active rumors.

You're welcome, Jus! :)

I don't think 14 years is that big a deal. Men are generally less mature than women, so that narrows the gap a lot. :)

But I'm with you on the sideburns, Mary! They're like worms encroaching on his cheeks. :(

Barbara said...

Maybe someone should get a petition to get Sam's sideburns removed and of course slip in a clause to have the boys shirtless more. Hell have one layer more too since I'll take what I can get.