Thursday, July 1, 2010

Winchesters on Holiday

I spent the last week and a half of June on vacation with my best friend from college. We now live in separate states and rarely get to see each other--so how did we spend our rare and wonderful holiday together? By watching my Supernatural DVDs! I introduced her to the show the last time I saw her and she’s started watching it in syndication over the past two months. We ended up every night by popping in either an episode she’s yet to catch or one we've seen and both love. Watching episodes from every single season got me to thinking...

While Sam and Dean pretty much never get vacations, they have had a few holidays—in “A Very Supernatural Christmas” (3-8) and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” (4-7). Season 5’s "My Bloody Valentine" featured Cupid and even though no one was actually looking for his shadow, I think we can all agree that Mystery Spot (3-11) was Groundhog Day-esque. As we all know, season five was originally intended to be the end for Sam and Dean, which means that the writers might be scrambling for some post apocalyptic standalone story lines. My advice to them is to look to their calendars and local greeting card racks! We still have plenty of holidays with Winchester potential. For instance...

Arbor Day
When local developers chop down one too many trees to level property, they anger ancient spirits. And the trees get even!

Cinco De Mayo
Sam and Dean visit south Texas on the trail of El Chupacabra (and really great carne asada).

St. Patrick's Day
Two words: Evil. Leprechaun.

Or, maybe now that the apocalypse has been averted, the guys should just go on holiday. Some place tropical. Where shirts are not required.

Of course, any night that I get to watch a new episode of Supernatural is a mini-holiday at my house!


Anonymous said...
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Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL Tanya, I love it! Especially the evil leprechaun. They HAVE to do that one!

And I second the "holiday to the beach" idea.