Monday, August 9, 2010

News for T-minus Seven Weeks and Counting...

In The Ausiello Files CW report from the recent press tour, Dawn Ostroff says she hopes Supernatural will go on for more than one more season.

Various sources, including here announce Sebastian Roché (Fringe) as a guest star on Supernatural. (He tweeted that he was in Vancouver doing the show.)

Wanna wallow in envy? Check out the teaser trailer for "Supernatural: The Animation" at Warner Bros.' Japanese site for the project. Click the "Trailer" box on the right. They did a great job with Sam and Dean! I wish this wasn't only being released in Japan...

Portrait Magazine (scroll down a little and look on the right, "September Cover") has a poll to see who we want featured on the September cover. Tom Welling is way ahead of Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki doesn't seem to have a chance. Voting goes to August 15.

While casing some Torchwood news, I discovered that John Shiban, writer for such great Supernatural episodes as "Tall Tales" and "Folsom Prison Blues," will be writing some Torchwood eps in the upcoming season.

Check out Matt Cohen's Playboy Fragrances ad campaign. Click to play, then click "Cast of Characters" to watch him talk about seduction. :) (Safe for work!)

Zap2it has an in-depth article about Jason Manns and how his friendship with Jensen has affected his music and movie career. No new info for those of us who follow Jason for his own sake, but some interesting quotes nonetheless. :)

We'll close with a cute vid of Jim, Misha, and Jensen:


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