Monday, May 9, 2011

Supernatural News the Week of No Show :(

So Smallville will get 2 hours for their finale this week, so SPN gets theirs next week.

This week:

Buddy TV had an exclusive interview with Mark Sheppard.

Supernatural had better ratings than Smallville, so yay!

Sam and Dean were voted second favorite lead male characters by Starpulse, second only to Alex O from Hawaii 5-0, who is hot but not so interesting, actually.

SuperWiki has a Cafe Press store, with "Posse Magnet" shirts, and "Beware of the Jefferson Starships."

That's all I know. You?


Unknown said...

Can't believe the season is over. I still have two eps to watch before Friday as my schedule has been seriously screwed up.

Adrianne Palicki won't be getting her shot at Wonder Woman. NBC refused to pick it up. Guess David E. Kelley really messed with the mythology and tried to turn it into some kind of Ally McBeal Part Deux. I hate him, he is on my list. Of course, Wonder Woman really should be a feature film. We need some ladies kicking ass on the big screen like Iron Man and Thor.