Friday, September 30, 2011

The Holy Sh..... Episode

I'd planned to watch the episode first, then recap on the second viewing, but it's Friday night and I'm toast. So, here we go:

I’ve been so excited about this season since the season premiere. I love the idea of Leviathans, which I never really understood, but now I want to find out. Now I’m watching Cass walk out on Dean and bobby, leaking blood and I’m so glad Tanya isn’t writing this recap.

Then we have Sam being choked (must be Friday) by Lucifer, who claims he’s real, Sam’s real, and all the rest is set dressing. Sam’s so confused, and Lucifer’s voice becomes Dean’s, and Lucifer disappears.

Dean, Sam and Bobby chase after Cass, who goes into a lake and causes a whirlpool. Snake-like ribbons of smoke appear, heading in all directions (husband was not impressed with effects), and they notice the sign that says “Public Water Supply.” Oops.

Then Dean notices the trench coat floating in the water and pulls it out, regret in his every move. Cass had made the choices he made because he felt he had to. Of all people, Dean understands that.

The camera cuts to all manner of water being utilized, including one little girl drinking from a fountain, trembling, then turning to her brother with a chilling smile. A mechanic’s pipes are rattling and he’s sprayed with black liquid.

Sam is sleeping and hears a voice calling his name. Lucifer? No, Dean, who hands him a water bottle and a protein bar—breakfast in bed. Dean checks Sam’s hand, which he cut on broken glass (worst stitches ever?), and Sam sees Lucifer over his shoulder, taunting him. Sam admits he’s hallucinating. Dean questions why Lucifer would create a world for Sam. Sam and Lucifer together say, “You can’t torture someone if there’s nothing left for you to take away.” Lucifer says the life he created has to be a mess so Sam would believe it was his life.

Creepy possessed girl is flipping through the channels and lands on Dr. Sexy, MD. The dialogue therein gives her an idea, because she smiles.

Bobby’s as worried about Dean as he is about Sam, but Dean brushes off his concern. Is it me, or is Bobby getting all the best lines this season? “You just lost one of the best friends you ever had, your brother’s in the bell jar, and purgatory’s most wanted are surfing the sewer lines, but you’re fine.” He assures him that he’ll always be there, and then end the scene with some banter that seems to reassure both of them.

Meanwhile, a member of the HS swim team dashes out the brains of his teammates, and a doctor checks on his post-op patients. One is Sheriff Jody Mills. I didn’t recognize her.

Sam and Bobby find the story of the swim team, and they send Dean on his own. Sam’s in no shape to go on a hunt and Bobby’s running the hub.

The mechanic meets up with the creepy girl meet up in a park. She complains that the girl knows nothing, can’t even see over counters. She is hungry, and repeats it again and again. Apparently she is somewhat in charge because she needs to get the others in line. The killings made the papers, and that’s unacceptable. The “boss” wants to know it’s been taken care of. Boss, eh? More and more interesting. She says she has an idea, and shows up at the hospital, where she meets the doctor who’d been checking on his post-op patients. She grasps his wrists and says she wants to grow up now. She takes on his form!

Turns out the one patient was pre-op, and the doctor Leviathan comes to take her away. The sheriff decides to check it out. She sees Dr. Leviathan eating one of the woman’s internal organs (again glad Tanya isn’t doing this recap). The nurse gives her a sedative and the doctor comes in with a promise to check on her later. She rips out her IV but the meds are already taking effect.

Dean checks out the scene, then calls Sam, who can’t concentrate with Lucifer reading tabloids behind him. Sam demands Lucifer end the torture, but Lucifer says this is his sweet spot, watching all the paint melting off his walls. This will end when Sam can’t take it anymore. Is that why Sam’s cleaning his guns? Sam orders Lucifer to shut up and Bobby comes in, wanting to know if Sam is having “a bag lady moment.” As Bobby tries to comfort him, Lucifer stands behind Bobby with a poker and stabs him through the heart.

Sheriff Mills manages to call Bobby to ask for help. Bobby tells Sam, “Either Sheriff Mills is having an Obamacare-insured opium dream, or something is eating folks down at Sioux Falls General Hospital.” He has to leave Sam alone with his visions of Lucifer.

At this point I’m seeing what Natalie means about being more interested in Sam than Dean these days.

Two of the swim team arrive with the mechanic and Dr. Leviathan takes them deeper into the hospital where they can feast every day. As the swim team boys tak over the bodies of the head nurse and the administrator, the mechanic talks about the boss some more.

Sam is cleaning his gun when Dean comes home. He needs back-up because there are more than 2 Leviathans. Sam is hesitant, but gets his gun.

Bobby rescues the sheriff and puts her in a taxi, then goes into the hospital to investigate the lady Dr. Leviathan killed. She’s already been autopsied, which confuses him.

Dean’s conversation with Sam, about Sam being crazy, that he’s never going to be okay, raises some red flags. Not Dean! Not Dean! Didn’t see that coming. What is Lucifer’s plan here? Dean gets to Bobby’s and discovers Sam is missing. The Dean who is with Sam morphs into Lucifer and Sam starts shooting. Lucifer taunts him, wanting to shoot himself.

Dr. Leviathan comes upon Bobby, who tries to bluff his way out of the hospital, but the Leviathan knows him because of Cass. Bobby hits him, saying, “Let’s try for amnesia,” then shoots him and runs when it has no effects.

Dean finds Sam in the warehouse where Lucifer led him and Sam points a gun at him. Dean is freaking, but is desperate to reach his brother. He points out Sam’s injured hand. “This is real.” He squeezes it, reminding him he got it not too long ago, not before he went to hell. “You got away. We got you out. Believe in that.” Lucifer flickers. “You’ve got to believe me. Make it stone number one and build on it.” Sam nods, breathless.

Bobby calls and fills them in on the Leviathan, and they’re to meet back at Bobby’s, but when they do---oh, no!! Bobby’s house burned! No! No sign of Bobby, all the books are gone, all the stuff for spells. The first thing they should have done is call. Now Dean does, and he says if Bobby’s dead, he’s going to strap his “Beautiful Mind” brother in the car and drive off the pier. “You asked how I was doing? Well, not good.”

I’m not doing too good myself right now. They’ve lost everything. That absolutely breaks me.

Sam comes upon the mechanic in the junkyard. Dean shoots him in the head but that only pisses him off. The Winchesters are marked for annihilation. He hits Dean hard enough to break his leg and clocks Sam in the head, knocking him unconscious. Dean drops a car on him, and black ooze appears from beneath the car.

Somehow an ambulance finds them. The EMT says Sam has increased inter-cranial pressure and look, Lucifer is back. He promises not to go anywhere, and Sam starts seizing as they’re pulling into Sioux Falls General Hospital. Meanwhile, back in the junkyard, the black ooze is sucked back into the Leviathan’s body.

And….end credits???? NOOOOOOO!!!!! Bobby??? BOBBY???? Bobby’s house, his belongings…they’re going to have to start everything from scratch. And Dean with a broken leg? How is he going to get around? Not to mention the loss of Cass…I wanted to see more of Misha as the Leviathans.

Supernatural doesn’t look to be pulling any stops now, does it?


Julia Phillips Smith said...

Personally, I'm really liking the way they're starting each episode this season mere seconds after the close of the prior episode. Hope that keeps up.

Thought they handled Sam's back-and-forth between cuckoo and reality with a sure touch. LOVED Bobby's "having a bag lady moment?" line.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Julia, my daughter and I were saying the same thing, about the nonstop action between episodes. I even said this may be the best season yet.

The scene where Dean talked Sam down, about real pain and "we got you out," was amazing. Everything is firing on all cylinders so far.

Kind of ingenious, breaking Dean's leg to put him out of commission and give Jensen room to direct the next episode. :)

kp said...

Awesomely horrible for the boys was it not? I was a breathless, drooling wreck by the end. (And I missed the first 25 minutes!) Talk about kicking up the pace.

Thanks for the recap!

:crossing my fingers that they get a minute of happy sometime soon:

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, and I forgot, I was going to say my favorite line was "This discussion does not require a weapons discharge!"

I'm gonna use that whenever a conversation gets heated. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode! Now we have to wonder if Cass and Bobby are dead. I sure hope not, but especially Bobby! He's family. I'm just hoping he went to the sheriff's house. And am I the only one who wants Bobby and Sheriff Mills together?

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, me, me! I want them together! :)

I avoid spoilers, but I do read Jim Beaver's tweet stream, and either Bobby is still alive or Jim is a great lier, talking about taking his daughter to Vancouver while he films and flying back and forth. :)

I'm not so sure about Cas, though. His end was pretty definitive, and his transgressions big enough that his prior savior doesn't have motivation to bring him back.

But as we always say...this is Supernatural!

Anonymous said...

True enough, Nat. Dead isn't gone on SPN.