Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Born-Again Identity

So, Sam’s hallucinating again, bad. He’s been up 5 days straight and runs into a junkie who offers to knock him out, while Satan taunts him. I bet Jared is really going to look like that now that he has a newborn. I do think Mark P is having fun with this role. Sam is running away from Satan and gets hit by a car.

He’s admitted for broken ribs and lacerations, but he’s been admitted to the psych ward. The doctor believes he’s having a psychotic episode. They’ve pumped him full of sedatives and he still won’t sleep. (Oh, hey, Misha’s going to be in this episode! Interested to see how THAT will come out.)

Lucifer is keeping him company when Dean walks in and suggests a faith healer. Also, what kind of creepy hospital is this? The headboard is all rusty and scraped up. Sam sends him on his way, but Dean uses Bobby’s list of contacts (would Bobby have a list of contacts?) to look for help for Sam.

(While Lucifer reads a diagnostic textbooks and comments about having narcissistic personality disorder...) Sam takes his meds, and Dean gives up making calls. He tosses the address book on the table, but when he looks again it’s on the floor, and there’s a business card beneath. Dean calls and leaves a message.

Sam’s hallucinating that the doctor is Lucifer, that there are maggots in his sandwich, etc. Some redheaded chick appears in his open doorway, and he’s probably hallucinating again. Dean gets a call back. The hunter said he set every trap for a faith healer but he passed every one. He tells Dean this guy is the real deal.

The redhead is back and brings Sam a candy, and why is his door open? Dean goes to find Emmanuel the faith healer and catches sight of a bound and gagged woman through the window. The man claiming to be Emmanuel flashes black eyes and tells Dean whoever Emmanuel is, Crowley’s going to want him. Dean stabs him and he rolls down the stairs to land at Castiel’s feet.

Dean is freaked as Emmanuel/Castiel unties the girl. Emmanuel introduces himself to Dean and introduces the woman as his wife. Emmanuel doesn’t know about demons on the earth. Dean is still freaked but not hesitant about asking for help.

On the way to Sam, Emmanuel tells about how he wandered into his wife Daphne’s path drenched and confused and naked, and she took care of him.

“Who named you Emmanuel?” Dean asked.


Dean comments it must be hard to not know who you are, if you’re a bad person or not. Emmanuel says he doesn’t feel like a bad person.

Sam makes friends with the redhead who is depressed and wants to die. She asks why he’s there, if it’s because voices in his head. She admits to Sam that her dead brother is the voice in her head, telling her to kill herself or he’d do it for her.

Dean leaves Cass in the car while he goes into the convenience store, and a demon follows him--wait, 2 more. Dean kills the first with the magic knife, and another demon is killed by a knife through the back. Meg’s back! Though, seriously, I miss that little blonde. They team up.

The little redhead tells Sam he needs sleep or his hair and nails will fall out. This cracks up Lucifer. She tells Sam she feels cold when she feels her brother coming. Her brother set the room on fire and she barely got out. Sam tells her that her brother is a ghost, but he’s been cremated. She has a bracelet he made that he bled on, and Sam asks for a lighter.

Okay, shouldn’t an episode with Cass and Meg being back be a little more exciting? Maybe I’m just underwhelmed after seeing Hunger Games, but.....yawn. I don't like this actress, I guess, and Dean is so INTENSE and Cass is old-humorless Cass, which was fine when Dean had humor.

So Sam sets the bracelet on fire and the girl’s brother disappears and the men in white coats tie him down. They’re talking about a surgical solution to Sam’s problem so he doesn’t overdose. Lucifer asks hopefully if they’re considering a lobotomy

Maybe it’s that it’s so choppy--a bit of Sam, a bit of Dean...

Meg spills the beans about Cass being an angel and that he can smite every demon, but he doesn’t remember how. Still, he walks down to the demons outside the hospital where Sam is kept and smites them. As he does, he remembers more and more about who he is. He remembers everything and is pissed at Dean for not telling him who he is and what he’s done.

Oh, hey, shock treatment for Sam from a demon-nurse, while Dean tries to convince Cass to come help. Cass is suffering from guilt over what he did. He deserved to die, so why did he walk out of the water? Dean says to fix it, and pulls Cass’s bloody trench coat out of the trunk. He touches Sam, saying he’s here to make it right, but Sam can’t believe Cass is real.

Whatever Cass did, didn’t work. Sam is listening to Lucifer read him The Three Little Pigs. There’s nothing left of the wall--it’s completely crumbled. He can’t fix it, but maybe he can shift it. He places a hand on Sam’s head and both start glowing red. Now CASS is hallucinating Lucifer and staying in the psych ward. They can’t protect him so they’re leaving him there.

Sam doesn’t like making a deal with Meg, but Dean says it’s not making a deal, it’s mutually assured destruction. Besides, they don’t have any friends, all their friends are dead.

So please tell me you found this episode more compelling than I did. At least Sam’s not hallucinating anymore.


Trish Milburn said...

I was a bit disappointed too, mainly because we finally get Cass back and then it seems like he's taken away again. I really hope this is not the end of Cass.

Honestly, my interest in the show has lessened a bit since Cass left and then when Bobby died. I loved it when Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cass were all in episodes together.

Like you, I liked the original actress who played Meg the best.

Unknown said...

I agree with you Trish. I liked it a lot more with Bobby, Cass, Sam & Dean all together. I did have high hopes though, when we heard about Cass healing people. I thought Sam would be finally healed. But then we got it a the cost of losing Cass. I wonder what they're planning with Meg in there with Cass. I suppose she'll be using him for something.

I did not like the actress that played Meg either. Personally, I have a hard time connecting with a character when their physical appearance is constantly changing.

I never thought I would say this, but surely this is the last season, right? I hope it ends on a high note. I wouldn't mind it staying a little longer, if we had all the characters. But at this depressing stage, I'll be happy to bid farewell.

Maureen Child said...

I won't miss Lucifer. That was getting sooooooo boring. Awful that they brought Cas back only to leave him behind again.

And really, when they killed Bobby off, they kinda lost me. I still love the boys and the interaction and dialogue, but the writers really ruined something here.

When you set up a long running series, you don't cut the heart out of it and expect it to continue limping along. I really think they made a HUGE error in judgment.

Pat C. said...

Cas will be back. Misha's supposed to be in at least two more episodes. I'm hoping he re-directs all the Lucifer badness into someone else, like Meg. Or Crowley. Or Dick.

Pam, if you can't connect with a character whose appearance is constantly changing, you probably wouldn't like Dr. Who.

Anonymous said...

I agree the series has been hugely disappointing with the loss of Bobby and Cass, but I believe the writers are working their way to bringing them back. Question is, will it be too late? Are the damages irreparable? :( I'm kinda pissed at Sera truth be told. Maureen, I agree that they removed the heart of the show. Even J&J are saying they're unhappy with things and want a reset. As for Meg, I like the original too. And much as I like Gen, I was always a bigger fan of the original Ruby. Man....are we sad or what?

MJFredrick said...

My husband and I were talking about Sera, and I mentioned her episodes are always the sad ones, so it makes sense that now that she's show-runner, the episodes are sadder, but seriously, enough. It's too bleak. I think Natalie said before that there's not even any hope the boys will have a normal life at any point.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Again, I'll be the lone dissenter. :) I love Lucifer--he cracks me up!--and I loved Cas's return, and how he hints that maybe God brought him back again, maybe for atonement, and he was trying to atone even without knowing what he was atoning for. What he did for Sam was almost all he could do, and it was heartbreaking but a huge relief because I wanted Sam better. I thought the effects when they moved the horror were awesome, too. :)

I've been rewatching season 4 off and on over the past few months, and honestly, I find it far more depressing than this season has been.

I liked the original Meg better, too. I thought this actress looked odd. Different from last season. Anyone know if she had a baby recently or something?

One thing I hate: Sam's hair. Seriously, dude. HAIRCUT. He's doing the Tom Brady thing and it's not going well.

MJFredrick said...

I've been waiting all weekend for Natalie's feedback :) Honestly, I felt bad posting a downer review. As for Meg, it was her mouth that bothered me. Something about the way it moved.

I still think if they're going to bring Cas back, then they didn't need the subplot about the little redheaded girl being haunted or whatever. It took away from the main story.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL I almost didn't give it, MJ! I feel so annoying, always cheering the show when no one else likes it anymore.

It was like Meg's face had been padded with "aging" or "fatifying" makeup so that her mouth movements were the only natural thing, though it made them look unnatural. Like when they aged Mary, the rest of her face didn't move much.

I liked that Sam found a hunt to focus on and it helped get him through a little, but I agree the back-and-forth was choppy and we could have definitely had more Cas.

Poor Misha, the let him come back without the trenchcoat and then forced it on him anyway. LOL

Anonymous said...

I still like the show because I love Sam and Dean--and there's always things i enjoy about the episodes--but it's disconcerting to see the show go downhill. (I'm tightly holding on to hope though!)

I did like Sam's venture in the mental hospital and that he found a case to, literally, keep him sane. And I so enjoy the honesty and comfort that the boys have found with each other now. I just find the show feels off-kilter now. Like it's floundering to be something new and fresh and it's not working.

As a writer I admire WHY Sera took them down this path, removed their crutches, but in doing so she removed their will, their reason to fight, to live. The boys just seem aimless now. Sure they want to get vengeance on Dick, but even that just seems like a weak ploy to get them to put one foot in front of the other. Not only did the writers take away everything the boys loved, but they took away everything the FANS love--even the damn car!--and that's a dangerous game. It's okay for awhile to shake things up and make the characters and fans appreciate those things even more, but if you wait too long to fix things you face alienating the people you most need. So IMO the show runners better get on the fast track to rebuilding the boys family, including the metallicar!

Unknown said...

My heart broke for both Sam and Cas :( Is it just me or are the writers making the Winchester boys behave in extremely Un-winchester-like manners? I agree about getting Team Free Will back together :'( I like this Meg too- I think she's done a really good job getting the part of Meg to resemble the original actress. But I loved the episode. It was very intense and well-woven.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Irina, I agree with you, this actress has definitely channeled the attitude of the original Meg. :)

Terri, you make great points, and I agree with them, especially about the car. LOL It's jarring and painful every time they show them driving some other piece of junk.

In many of the past seasons, the boys have had very little to live for. Dean gives up regularly. But it usually doesn't last this long.

I thought Bobby's death was *beautifully* done, and that makes it hard to dislike the move, but yeah, I always thought he would be the biggest mistake to take away. Even when we went many episodes without him, his presence was felt. Now, except for those little hints, it's not. I'm definitely with you on wanting him brought back sooner than later. (Though from Jim's tweets, it's not sooner.)

Anonymous said...

Natalie, I cringe everytime I see them driving something other than the Impala. I mean it's an actual physical flinch and wince. LOL.

And, yes, Bobby's death was beautifully done. Amazing. But that doesn't mean they can't bring him back, dammit. ;) Unfortunately, I think you're right about Jim's tweets seeming like that might not be the case anytime soon.

I hope Sera and staff read our little blog!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

But that doesn't mean they can't bring him back, dammit. ;)

That's the awesome thing about being a fan of this show. We can say stuff like that and not be dreaming! LOL

Jim could just be cagy about it, or outright lying. :) I think we'd all be okay with that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we would! :)

charlesdusty10 said...
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