Monday, April 20, 2009

Fan Interview: Author Anne Mallory

The lovely and talented Anne Mallory and I have been friends since 2003, the year we both (along with MJ) were finalists in the same writing contest. She has gone on to wonderful things, including publishing seven historical romance novels and finaling in the prestigious RITA contest this year. She is also a big Supernatural fangirl too, so I decided to talk to her about her love of the Winchesters. (BTW, that's me, left, with Anne, right, at a conference in San Francisco last summer.)

Q. Have you been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning? If not, how did you find the show and when?

A. I found the show about halfway through Season One when we were in London of all places. They were re-running the first episodes, three in a row, and we kept catching them. We looked the show up when we got back to the States and have watched it ever since.

Q. Dean Girl or Sammy Girl?

A. Dean girl. All the way.

Q. What have you thought of this season so far? What do you think of the introduction of angels to the storyline?

A. I think it's interesting. I had wondered where they were going to go after last season, and they've really opened up the world of the show even more. There's some nice dread with what they've hinted at for Dean and whether being on the Angels' side is going to be a positive thing for him. I love how they've switched up the brothers and the theology aspects as well throughout the series.

Q. What is your favorite episode(s)?

A. There are so many great ones, but one that sticks out is the one with mini-Dean. Season three - The Kids are Alright.

Q. What about the show makes you a fan?

A. The relationship between the brothers and the witty banter. Great writing and great chemistry.

Q. To you, what has been the scariest bad guy/urban legend the boys have encountered?

A. The Season One episodes were the most suspenseful, I think. Followed by Season Two. They have gone more to developing overriding arcs than the monster-of-the-week types. But even when they do monster-of-the-week eps now, they still don't do the same edge-of-your-seat, peeking-through-your-fingers, holy-crap-I-can't-watch suspense, I don't think. I remember the painting one making me peek through my fingers. The most powerful bad guy has probably been the trickster, but not the scariest. The guy who took parts to make himself immortal was pretty creepy. Wow, it's kind of hard to choose!

Thanks so much for being with us today, Anne. You'll have to let us know what you think of the remainder of the season and what you think Kripke and company have in store for Season Five.

For everyone else, has something Anne said ring particularly true for you? What do you think has been the creepiest urban legend or bad guy?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Welcome to SPN Sisters, Anne!

What makes you a Dean Girl? :)

kaybee said...

Hi Anne! I agree with you about the creepiness level being the highest in Season 1 and more recent episodes don't have the same creep factor. I still love the show just as much though and Family Remains had a Season 1 feel to me.

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Natalie! I think it's a combination of his charisma and funny one-liners. And I'm a sucker for a great smile. :)

Anne Mallory said...

Whoops, meant to also say thank you, Natalie! :)

Anne Mallory said...

Hi, Kaybee! I still love the show just as much too. Just different in the creepy/bad feel. :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That does it for me, too! :)

And I also agree that the creepiness factor has declined, but I'm never sure if that's because I've adjusted or if it has changed that much--maybe both?