Friday, August 21, 2009

Seven Favorites

We got tagged. This is supposed to be a list of 7 favorite blogs and 7 favorite things. Now, because I've had an insane week trying to chair a PTA committee and help my actual sister plan wedding, I did not ask my fellow Supernatural Sisters about their favorite blogs and things (bad Tanya) so hopefully they--and you!--can chime in through comments.

My seven favorite blogs:

1. - there's currently a link to some mild spoilers for Season 5, btw! And seriously, who couldn't spend an entire afternoon gazing at the photo gallery?

2. - All right, yes, Supernatural has not been my only TV obsession ever. I also fell madly in love with several Whedon offerings, most notably Firefly, but alas, it did not have the longevity of the Winchester brothers.

3. - This site, appropos of nothing supernatural-related, is a complilation of professional bakery cakes gone wrong. And it once made me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt.

4. - conversation about YA books and teen issues

5. - I love romance novels. And this is a compilation of great novels, great authors and soon-to-achieve-greatness authors.

6. - All right, that's not technically a blog. But there are definitely forums where you can share your opinions/comments. I visit TWOP on a near daily basis. I will offer this one personal caveat, however. While TWOP is one of my fave web places and Supernatural is my fave show, TWOP's coverage of SPN is not necessarily one of my favorite things.

7. - I want to be Jane when I grow up...or Sera Gamble! Definitely one of the two. I should note that Jane is not posting so much anymore, however she's pretty active on Twitter, so you can follow her there.

My 7 Favorite things (although I am not trying to imply that any people on this list are objects)

1. My husband and kids (I totally have to say that since my husband may read this)

2. Dean Winchester

3. Sam Winchester

4. Books--if I worked in a bookstore, I would blow every paycheck on the premises before I ever got it home. My idea of an Apocalypse would be a sudden absence of books in the world. If the only birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts I received for the rest of my life were books, I would be one happy girl.

5. Nathan Fillion -- My idea of fangirl heaven is Nathan doing a guest stint on Supernatural (preferably not as an embodiment of evil). But since ABC had the good sense to renew his show Castle, he's probably too busy. I have, however, appreciated the guest spots of other Whedonverse alum as well as BSG actors.

6. Salt and vinegar potato chips

7. Shoes that are comfortable AND cute (bonus points if they're on sale.) I have to say, I'm not really a "shoe" person. I only own like three pairs. But as long as they look good and don't hurt my feet at the end of the day, why do I need more?

So what about you guys? favorite blogs? favorite things in your life?


Poppycole said...

Because I do far too many other things when I should be working...Below are blogs I check daily....They rang from cooking, green stuff, farm girls, gay chefs in Paris, a nanny in New York to animal rescue and George RR Martin fangirl stuff....and that's not counting all the supernatural stuff I look up/watch. LOL. Now back to that W word.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the list Poppycole! I will have to check the out (esp the foodie ones.)

Tanya, who also has a tendency to surf instead of work