Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Expectations


I’m scared about tomorrow night.

No, I’m not scared of Lucifer. I’m not scared of the apocalypse.

I’m scared of my own expectations.

Season 4 was awesome. Best season ever, consistently good. And I’m scared they’re going to drop the ball. I remember being so excited about the premiere of season 3, after the death of Azazel, the opening of the devil’s gate, Dean’s deal.

And we got “The Magnificent Seven.” I still don’t like that episode and I couldn’t say why. I think maybe they were trying to do too much, introducing new characters, and the rhythm was off. So I’m scared that this will happen again. I mean, they do have a lot of ground to cover, with the boys learning to trust each other again, and, well, Lucifer rising. I’m hoping they pace themselves.

I hope it’s as good as “In My Time of Dying,” or “Lazarus Rising.” I hope we get the balance of brotherly angst and humor and the scary. I hope my expectations aren’t too high.

Am I the only one worried? Or do you trust in Kripke?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Am I the only one worried? Or do you trust in Kripke?


But I'm worried less that they won't do the job they've been doing for four seasons, and more that my own expectations have reached such a level of hysteria NOTHING could live up to them.

Hiatuses do that to me. LOL

Maria Lima said...

I'm trying to avoid expectations, but that's hard to do. Yes, I trust Kripke and the writers, because it's their world and so far, in 4 years, I've come to respect their choices. (not all of them, but hey, we're all human).

I'm excited, but also anxious to avoid spoilers. Since I don't own a TV, I have to get my fix from iTunes the following morning. And of course, I have an appointment in the a.m. so I won't actually see the ep until later on Friday.

Waiting is the hardest part.

Kim said...

I guess they could disappoint me, but I'm one of those who is trying to leave my expectations at the door. I just feel like the story is so over the top it could be a disaster so I'm trying to keep that in mind...

What I am primarily remembering is that they know on which side their bread is buttered, and they won't take away the pretty. No matter what happens with the pace and dialogue, they cannot leave off the pretty.