Sunday, September 13, 2009

Supernatural News Monday

First of all, before I forget, Amazon has got lots of TV on DVD sales right now. Last I checked, seasons I and 3 of SPN were at 19.99 in case you need to round out your collection--or want to get someone else hooked on the show! And secondly, big smooches to Nat for helping me compile this week's news (which, since Season 5 kicked off a few days ago, was considerable.)

Okay, those of you who are on Twitter (any of Misha's Minions in the house?) are probably already aware of the pre-premiere tweet brouhaha (tweet-ha-ha?) but you can read about the whole thing here.

And speaking of Misha! Interview love. (He totally cracks me up, btw). This one warning Will Rogers! has some actual spoilers...but also a lot more background stuff on Misha I didn't know and at least one typo that made me raise an eyebrow...
(Also, within the above interview is a link to a Kripke interview in the Chicago Tribune.)

This scoopage passed along from Natalie Damschroder: "Supernatural gets some mainstream love! The Charlotte Observer did an article about the show, and Mark Price took it seriously! My favorite part: "Last week Rolling Stone magazine cited it among the 50 reasons to watch TV this season, comparing lead characters Sam and Dean Winchester to the 'Bo and Luke Duke of demon hunting.'" (The article had been moved when I first looked for it, so if the link is broken, search "Mark Price" in quotes, and scroll down until you see "A Devilish Season".)

Nat also passed this along (I don't even dare click on this, since I try to stay pure of spoilers!)If you like spoilers, the end of this article at Supernatural Hunters Addict tells us a little of what's in store. I had to burn my eyes after I saw it. See what I'm willing to do for you people?!

(Ew, I totally flashed to Pamela Barnes, that psychic who lost her sight after trying to help Sam at the beginning of last season. Feel better soon, Natalie!)

SPOILER for anyone who hasn't seen last week's premiere... but for the other 99.9% of us, obviously Bobby has some interesting challenges ahead. Kripke and Jim Beaver are interviewed here, with some insight by Jim about how Bobby's going to handle his new physical state.

And finally, Warner Bros. is holding a Supernatural prop sweepstakes with some pretty cool prizes. Good luck!


Maria Lima said...

Nice roundup! Just an FYI, you should check out for more Supernatural reviews/coverage.

Brent Hartinger (YA author & creator of the blog) is a huge fan of the show.

Now off to read the interviews...

Poppycole said...

In which I really, really love you guys! Thanks for all the fantastic links. I especially found the twitter one interested as I work work with social media in my day job. I had heard about the twitter supernatural trending madness but didn't realize how in-depth it went. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing that along Maria!

Poppycole, I think a lot of surprised by how the Twitter thing blew up.