Monday, October 19, 2009

Supernatural News

(very minor spoilers, but you've been warned)

The Trickster is coming back--yay! Richard Speight Jr. will appear in a November episode. I have high hopes, as I enjoyed his previous appearances on Tall Tales and especially the unforgettable Mystery Spot.

Isn't it great when someone you adore turns out to be totally a great person worthy of that adoration? (Of course, anyone who's seen any interviews or convention appearances from Jared or Jensen knows this already). MJ passed this along, a fun tidbit featuring, most imporantly, pics of Jensen!

Based on what EW's scoopster extraordinaire Michael Ausiello had to say, I'm betting the Nov 5 ep is gonna be one of my favorites this year! It involves Sam and Dean jumping into TV shows, including a sitcom with actual laugh track and a medical drama that pokes fun at Grey's Anatomy. (Come on, producers, this just begs for a JDM cameo!)

Even though I know better (with the rational part of my brain I choose not to use) than to get my hopes up on fan-based internet casting rumors, my hopes were officially squashed when this was posted yesterday, quoting Jensen as saying he knows nothing about this whole Captain America business. (Sigh)

And finally, as you all know, Halloween is just around the corner! Why not talk the man in your life into being a Winchester for the night? (So many comments I choose not to make here). As Ashe Mischief affectionately jokes, it IS the "lazy man's costume".

So...what news have you guys heard?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm really looking forward to that episode, too! And I'm guessing the Trickster episode and the TV shows episode are one and the same. Doesn't that make sense?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are the same ep, Nat. I didn't know how spoiler pure people wanted to remain :)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Whoops! That was smart thinking, Tanya. LOL Maybe I should delete my speculation. :(

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's not like we don't warn people that spoilers abound. And or a spoiler, it's pretty minor. No worries.