Friday, December 11, 2009

Why You REALLY Don't Want a 67 Impala for Christmas (But I DO!)

Eric Kripke himself said the Impala looks really cool but “handles like a shopping cart.” Nevertheless, I have wanted one since…well, since Croatoan.

8) Finding one in any decent shape is near impossible. She's over 40, you know, and if the outside's good, the inside probably isn't. The ones I've found in my price range have ratty interiors or rust spots on the undercarriage.

7) No airbags—though she probably does more damage than she receives

6) No electric windows/locks—but it's easier to pick the locks when you lock your keys inside

5) No cup holders—remember the plastic things you could buy at the gas station and hook on the windows? Classy.

4) No. Air-conditioning. That leaves me OUT.

3) Getting parts will be a nightmare.

2) She guzzles gas like damn and whoa. But probably not worse than those SUVs.

1) She’ll attract a lot of attention, especially with those 8 cylinders. Look in your rearview mirror for flashing lights.


AuthorM said...

It's still really, really, really fun to drive. :)


Maria Lima said...

The Metallicar always cracks me up, because my very first car (hand me down from Mom) was a 1969 Impala. Clunky, big, but damn it, it was MINE.

Still holds a special place in my heart.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I still want one, but only if it comes with Sam and Dean in it! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL, MJ! The air-conditioning thing would definitely be a deal breaker for me. Although I like Natalie's thinking... If Sam and Dean delivered it, I'd take the thing with no airbags, no wheels and no engine :-)

InTheEvening said...

Actually, air conditioning was an option in '67. :-) I have a '67 4dr Impala. It drives like a typical American car of the era. Great for cruising but floaty around corners. Think of driving around in a sofa, hehehe. I LOVE her. She's my daily driver and gets about 18 mpg--so not so bad compared to SUVs and the like. Mine has power steering, cruise control, AC, an AM radio (yeah, sad!). These things are all original to the car. Jared and Jensen autographed her for me last summer. My interior is almost finished, next is paint and some new wheels.

Photos here:

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That is so SWEET! I'm so jealous!

AuthorM, you'll need to get yours in shape by July and try to get it autographed (assuming we have any chance of getting either guy at the con...).

Mary, your arguments are being systematically removed. You might have to get one after all! LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm so jealous you have a SIGNED impala. Good God, it doesn't get better. Thanks for sharing the pics. :D

MJFredrick said...

AuthorM, I really really really want one--occasionally I shop for one, but like I said, the ones in any kind of shape are more than my 2005 car!

Maria, cool! My friend Cindi's family had one as the family car, so she doesn't think it's as neat as I do.

InTheEvening, WOW! She's GORGEOUS! Did you do any restoration on her? I've always loved classic vehicles, and wish I had the talent/patience to restore one.

InTheEvening said...

I've redone the interior. The original wasn't horrible, just very old and--gag--turquoise. I went all tan (didn't want to do a copy of the Show car). I'll paint her eventually. I plan on black, super deep with lots of clear coat. Black is a bit cliche, but for a 4 door, you need a really strong paint statement. Other than that, she's in amazing shape and a blast to drive. She has her original 327 V8. And being signed--yeah, that was too much fun to have done. The guys were sooo excited about it.

Here's a before and after photo on the interior (prior to new door panels and black seat belts).

Thanks for all the nice comments! :-) She's one of a few classics parked in our driveway, but she's my favorite, for sure.

Unknown said...

i have this car and it drives waaaaay better than a shopping cart. But mine rocks a large and in charge 454 engine and is well taken care of..

there is ac lol...maybe not on tv show stunt car

auto windows and locks costs like 100 bucks to do and its easy.

buy this car lol