Monday, December 7, 2009

Mostly Spoilery News!

Shooting hiatus apparently means increased promotional activities, because we’ve got a bunch of interviews this week.

First, though, some casting and contest news:

FlashForward viewers might have gasped, “Hey, it’s Kubrick!” during the so-called fall finale.  He plays the infamous D. Gibbons, someone with an apparent connection to the blackout.

According to this article, Alona Tal joins Daneel Harris in the voice cast of Night of the Living Dead: Origins.

Buddy TV is having a holiday trivia contest, with prizes including signed DVDs and photos.

The episode 11 promo (“Sam, Interrupted”) can be found here.

Okay, interviews galore. Spoilers are marked with **, and I didn’t read those! :)

Misha Collins (I read this one, no spoilers)

More Misha**

Eric Kripke** (referencing a Nov. 20 USA Weekend article)

Sera Gamble** and another Sera Gamble** (might be same stuff)

Upcoming Episode Titles** (5.14 makes me squee. :) )

Misha Collins and Julie McNiven**

Here is a short vid interview with Jensen Ackles.  It looks like it’s old, from nearly a year ago, but who cares?  It’s Jensen on film, and we can pretend it’s recent and he’s talking about season six. :)

Ask Ausiello on the 100th episode.

Scroll down in this article for Four Horsemen spoilers.

A "Supernatural Magazine" review for 100-page issue #12 (I might need to get my hands on that!).

This thread posts a casting call for episode 5.14 (SPOILERS) and also posts a recent TV Guide article about the episode.

There you go!  Hopefully that will tide you over for a while.  Or at least today.  Two weeks down, we won’t say how many to go…


MJFredrick said...

KUBRICK! I could NOT place him. I knew he'd been on SPN, but could not remember, and the dh was no help, though we rewound it a few times. Thank you!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

We didn't catch it when we first saw him, but at the end, when he was in the room with the woman who'd called Demitri, and he looked over his shoulder, we both gasped. :)

Dang, my image didn't come through. :(

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

There, it's fixed! :)

Barbara said...

And I have my porn list to keep me busy too.