Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Just In...From Comic-Con

Sorry this post is late! I kind of forgot this was my day. Actually, last week, I asked a friend about guest blogging. She said yes, then forgot about sending me the post, and I forgot to remind her, and I've been working a new job (always stressful), and I let this fall by the wayside. So sorry!

But it works out! I have 19 Google Alerts that have links to Comic-Con reports. I've been letting them sit because I had so much important stuff to do! But now I'm "forced" to read through and find the best links to post here. So here they are!

First check out The WB's Supernatural at Comic-Con video—high-quality vid with interviews with the boys, shots of them doing autographs, bits of the panel, and an interview with the show's music supervisor.

Some caveats: "Best" really means "best first," because if I see a decent article and then I come across another decent article but it says the exact same stuff, I won't link to it. Doesn't mean the first one is really better than the second. Also...BEWARE OF SPOILERS. I won't post spoilers here, but once you click through, you're on your own! :)

Okay, first up, Digital Spy live blogs the Supernatural panel. This hits all the big stuff: Kripke's take on the finale and the upcoming season, how long after the finale the premiere starts, what Castiel's up to, Jensen's directing, and a couple of jokes by Jim and Misha. :)

Zap2it interviews Sera Gamble, who elaborates on where the season starts, and tells us a whole lot about how they're taking on vampires this season. There's a report, but the actual video is at the bottom.

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune posts tweets, interviews, photos, and panel report, and an audio file of the panel.

TV Squad/AOL TV has interviews from the round table discussions that were held before the panel.

Here is a Livejournal community post with a compilation of tweets, photos, videos, and another audio file of the whole panel.

buzzfocus interviews Misha outside of Comic-Con. Three minutes of Misha being Misha. :)

I also came across this funny Misha's Minions recruitment video.

Want spoilers? This report from TV Squad gets heavy with the details. Proceed with caution!

Zap2it interview with Jared and Jensen.

Want more? Man, you're insatiable. Okay, go here. SuperWiki compiled links to everything! :)

We're a week past halfway to the season premiere...


Anonymous said...
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Maria Lima said...

Natalie, I was at the panel and took some pics, starting with this one. One of my work buddies asked if I had a crush on the Supernatural guys. ::g::

Maria Lima said...

Oh, and I found myself accidentally following Misha around the convention center...yes, that's it. Accidentally.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, Maria, YUM. And LOL about "accidentally."

I'm so jealous of you! Someday I'll make Comic-Con...

文王廷 said...
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Anonymous said...

I really, really want to go to Comic Con. I was watching a show on it last night. It looks MASSIVE.