Monday, October 25, 2010


News was light this week, but here's what scoopage I could find.

Freddy Kruger is coming to SPN! Okay, not quite Freddy, but his portrayer Robert Englund. He’ll appear in the December 10th episode as an off-the-books doc who patches up hunters.

Buddy TV has pictures from this week’s “You Can’t Handle The Truth.”

For the first time in 57 years TV Guide is allowing fans to pick the cover image. It’s down to 6 fan favorites and Supernatural is one of them so vote as often as you can between November 1 and hopefully we’ll see Jensen, Jared and Misha on the front page.

Jensen is lending his voice to the video game Tron: Evolution. Check out WinchesterBros for more info.


Unknown said...

I love Robert Englund. He made me love a serial killer. LOL I would love to see them get Bruce Campbell for an ep.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of news... I saw internet rumor that Jensen will be in a remake of one of those Chucky movies (see imdb). I love the guys having parts on the big screen, but could they please do something NOT horror? Jensen has all kinds of range and would be good in lots of different parts! (Notice how I have such respect for his acting that I'm not even suggesting those parts feature him shirtless for at least a few minutes of the movie.)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I love Robert Englund, too, but from the original V series! :) I never saw the Freddie movies.

I agree wholeheartedly, Tanya. I think they probably want that, too, and probably they're just taking what they're offered that can fit into their schedules. :(