Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday News for 10/18/10

How awesome was "Weekend at Bobby's"? Jensen got a lot of attention for his (IMO, stellar) direction of that episode. In case you missed it, scroll down for an awesome behind-the-scenes.

As for news, in no particular order (save what came into my inbox via Google Alert)...

There's a spoiler somewhere in here that I didn't read.

Bela/Lauren Cohen fans might be interested to learn that the actress is coming to Vampire Diaries soon.

Zap2it posted an interview Friday with Mark Sheppard, aka Crowley. They lead with a quote that shows just how awesome Sheppard is:

"You don't want know when I'm going to be in it or not be in it," he says. "You just kind of want to know that I exist. The fans are very, very serious about not getting spoilered on this. So let's hope that you guys keep quiet. You shouldn't even mention that I'm here."

Of course, Firefly fans knew of his awesomeness years ago, m'iright? :) He goes on to discuss his future on the show (without spoilers) and Jensen's directing.

Articles about Jensen's directing:
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Zap2it (Jensen quotes, with behind-the-scenes pictures)
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"Live Free or Twi-Hard"
Photos I will not look at.
Zap2it article I did not read.


Unknown said...

Great articles and pics, Natalie! Had to read ahead, impatient I know. :) I loved articles on Jensen's directorial effort. I loved the episode.