Friday, March 11, 2011

Partying Supernatural Style

This was supposed to be my day to recap an episode (since MJ was was kind enough to cover when I was CW-less last week). But there will be no new episodes until APRIL freaking FIFTEENTH. So instead of a recap, you get a Random Musing, although not as random as it first appears, I promise.

I recently threw an Oscar party. I had nine dishes (such as Cheesy True Grits) and a bottle of Black Swan Cabernet, something to represent each Best Picture Nom. Minor confession: my nod to 127 hours wasn't so much a "dish" as a backpack on the table filled with Band-aids, bottled water and granola bars, but that's neither here nor there. When my guests arrived, I had my movie soundtrack playlist on the iPod. We ate and talked, then settled into my living room with the Oscar Bingo Cards I'd typed up (which had spots for stuff like "The Fighter Wins An Award," "Car Commercial" or "Helena Bonham Carter is shown with crazy hair.") A good time was had by all.

Unlike some die hard fans of Supernatural, I didn't start watching it as soon as it aired. No, my friend Trish got me hooked a couple of seasons in. In turn, I got two of my good friends and my sister hooked. (Supernatural is kind of viral that way, isn't it? But like good virus-y. Not Croatoan virus-y) It's come to my attention that in my current circle of friends, there are about 3 women (all of whom attended my Oscar nite) who have never seen Supernatural but are intrigued by the show, who've been wanting to watch it but haven't got a hold of the early eps yet. So I'm thinking...Supernatural party!

Playlist is easy. I've already got one on my iPod and I'm sure you could put one together if you don't have one yet. Snacks? Hmmm. Well, pig in a poke comes to mind (defined in a southern food article as sausage and potatoes). I could also borrow my calamari dish from Oscar Night (The Squids Are All Right, for the Annette Bening/Julianne Moore movie that shares its name with the season 3 SPN ep where we first meet Gumby Lisa). Of course there would have to be pie, as well as Devil's food cake and Seven (Sins) Layer Dip. And I still have some for-fun wine labels from Halloween that you can wrap around a bottle--proclaiming "Zombie Juice," "Bad Blood," "Night of the Living Red."

The bingo card would be fun, as well. A friend of mine recently pointed out a dialogue quirk of the show that I'd never noticed--how almost every character from Dean to Bobby to Ruby doubles up on the verb for emphasis. "I want to help--I do!" or "I really have tried, I have!" So that would have to be one of my bingo squares. Others would probably include a shot of the Impala cruising down the road at night, Bobby using the word "ijit," any song of AC/DCs playing, Dean's eyes glistening with manly, unshed tears...

What about you? If you threw a Supernatural viewing party, what snacks and games would be on the list?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, Tanya, this is awesome! I'm not a party-throwing person, but here are some items for the Bingo cards:

Sam gets throttled

Dean fondles his weapon

They gank a demon

Anyone gets thrown up against a wall

Pat C. said...

Don't forget "Castiel apologizes." Or the angel food cake.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea and wish all the sister could get together for a party!

I know there's a Sevenly Deadly Zins wine. And I think we have to put Sam tossing his hair out of his eyes on the bingo card. And flashing their fake id's.

I totes think you should make us a downloadable bingo card and we can all have season finale parties with them. :)

Anonymous said...

BTW - If you make the cards downloadable from our site I bet we'd get major traffic as word got out. The idea is really brill. Maybe people would even play them at the cons. LOL

Anonymous said...

Pat--how on earth did I forget Angel food cake??? And, yeah, flashing the fake IDs is a must have space.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Your Oscar party sounded awesome!

And a Supernatural party bingo card could include:

- those lovely pull-focus shots that go from a close-up of a gun to a close-up of Dean's or Sam's face

- whenever Dean refers to the car as 'Baby'

- whenever Dean or Sam is tied up

- whenever Dean says 'Awesome'

- whenever 'Busty Asian Beauties' is mentioned (for extra points)

- whenever Sam sighs

Trish Milburn said...

This sounds like a blast.

And you've got to have a space on your Bingo card for anytime someone says the word "Dude." :)

Unknown said...

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