Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recap of "And Then There Were None"

So…how many episodes ago was “Mother of All” released? Too long, maybe. But now she’s turned up barefoot at a gas station, looking for a ride. She’s calling herself Eve, and she comes on strong to the trucker who is willing to give her a ride. Turns out, the trucker is a religious man, telling her she needs Jesus in her life. She counters with saying his Father abandoned him, that the apocalypse came and went without him noticing, and that a mother would never do that to her children. Then she bends to tell him something, and the camera zooms in on his horrified face. Next think you know, he’s murdering his wife with a hammer.

Let me just say it’s interesting watching Bobby after JUST watching him in Deadwood, completely different character. He’s been tracking weird phenomenon along I-80, including werewolves and ghouls, which Dean calls a “Sherman’s March Monster Mash.” All leading to a man who killed his family.

Bobby joins the boys in the interrogation. The man claimed to have blacked out. The last thing he remembers is offering a kid a ride at the gas station. The three of them go through surveillance tapes and see the girl, only her face is horrible. They figure out right away that she’s the Mother of All, and all the monsters are coming in for Mother’s Day. But they don’t know how to kill her.

While they’re discussing it, another call comes in about a man losing it at the cannery. When Bobby goes, as Agent Willis, he encounters Rufus, also posing as an agent. They examine the body of the man who did the shooting—and was shot by cops. They find some gross stuff in his ear, which Bobby says is something new. Rufus corrects him that there is nothing new.

Rufus and Bobby meet up with Sam and Dean back at the cannery, where both crazies worked. Guess who they encounter? Gwen and Grandpa. Dean threatens to make good on his threat to kill the old man, but Bobby tells Sam to take Dean for a walk. Sam says, “I’m not saying don’t. I’m saying not yet.”

I’m loving the encounter between Bobby and Grandpa. Grandpa says, “You must be the guy pretending to be their father.” Bobby counters with, “Someone has to.” Then Grandpa mentions that Sam looks good, to which Sam says, “No thanks to you, I hear.” Grandpa is intrigued that Sam doesn’t remember.

Also, Grandpa knows way more about Eve than Bobby, that she was on the earth 10,000 years ago and every living thing can be traced back to her. He calls Bobby a kid, and Bobby accuses him of throwing his own kin to ghouls. Gwen is stunned by this, and goes to ask Dean, who SHOOTS her! Rufus and Bobby try to save her while Sam goes after Dean. She dies. (The attrition rate in the Campbell family is pretty high since they met the Winchesters, no?) Sam thinks Dean is possessed. Bobby wants to find Dean before Dean finds them, if that’s the case. Sam warns his grandfather that he wants to find Dean alive, or he’ll put a bullet in Grandpa’s head.

Sam thinks to call Dean, and when his phone rings, Rufus and Sam find Dean, then Bobby and Sam burst through. Dean says a worm thing just crawled out of his ear and down the drain. He looks horrified that he’d killed Gwen. Bobby wants to check his ear, and when Rufus does, he announces Dean is “Goo-positive.”

Bobby calls for them all to disarm in case one of them is still possessed, so they won’t kill each other. Bobby locks the weapons up and calls for a plan. While Bobby and Rufus make calls, Dean and Sam talk to Grandpa about his betrayal, who appears to be possessed. Dean fights him and he bolts. They re-arm and go hunting.

Samuel takes the time to booby-trap the place, and Sam is trapped on the other side of a metal door. When he encounter Samuel, he can’t shoot him. Samuel offers to tell him about his soulless time. He approaches, and Sam shoots him—OMG, in the head! I had a feeling that was what the episode meant. But, was Grandpa still possessed? Bobby tells Sam to drop the gun. I think he’s right. Rufus asks if anything came out of his ear, but no. No goo. Rufus asks if Bobby has a cranial saw in the car. “Of course,” Bobby says. The two of them go to get it, while Sam watches his grandfather’s body for sign of the wormy thing, and Dean watches Sam. Dean tells Sam he did the right thing killing Samuel. Sam says he can’t remember much about his grandfather and what he does remember isn’t good. But he wonders what his mother would say.

Dean responds with, “Just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you’re family. You’ve got to earn that.”

The power comes on and Bobby and Rufus return, ready to “play operation.” Bobby sends the boys off so they don’t have to see their grandpa’s brain. Rufus and Bobby discuss a battle in the past, about something that happened in Omaha, something that was Bobby’s fault, that Rufus lost “her” because of Bobby. Rufus said nothing will change, that he’ll never forgive Bobby for what happens, so he may as well change the subject.

As they’re cutting into Grandpa, he COMES BACK! OMG! He blocks the door so Sam and Dean can’t get to him as he kicks Rufus’s ass. Bobby shoves him up against something electrical and the worm thing escapes from Grandpa’s ear. But where is it? I’m loving the “I Heart Polka” sign on one of the lockers. They all think each other could be possessed, so they check their own ears for goo. Sam figures the only way to be sure is to shock themselves, since that made it leave Sam’s body. Sam shocks Dean, then himself, and nothing happens. Rufus waves off the test because he has a pacemaker. Dean says he hopes it’s a good one. Rufus takes the wire to shock Bobby, and Bobby stabs Rufus in the chest!!! (I do not ordinarily use this many exclamation marks, but this episode has surprised me again and again.)

The next scene shows Bobby tied to a chair, and Dean shocking him. The thing inside Bobby tells them he’s comfy inside Bobby, since they love him. He says if they kill him, he’ll take Bobby with him. Dean is ready for an interrogation. The thing in Bobby says it has nothing to hide. It has no name—Eve cooked it up herself. She’s going to make more creatures so they can imprison the humans. She has a message, that they’re all going to die, that from here on in, it’s all pain from here on.

They want the thing out of Bobby, so they seal up his mouth, nose and ears and shock the hell out of him. The thing falls out of his ear, dead, and Bobby isn’t breathing.

The next scene shows the boys standing over a new grave, and Bobby comes to join them. It’s Rufus’s grave. Apparently he was religious and didn’t want his body burned. Bobby shares the story of how Rufus helped him when his wife was possessed, sent the demon to hell and cleaned up so Bobby wasn’t sent away for killing her. Bobby starts to tell them about what he did in Omaha, but Dean says it doesn’t matter. Their lives are too short, and offers blanket apology for all the crap they’ve pulled on each other. Rufus should have forgiven Bobby because they were family. And we all know what that means to Dean.

And WTH?? No more episodes until April 15??? DUDE!!!


Anonymous said...

Did you like the episode, MJ? Other than the exchanges between Bobby and Rufus, I didn't care for it. I'm glad G'pa is dead, but it almost seemed like an episode just designed to get rid of the Campbell's and never explained why gramps became such a dick. I was disappointed.

MJFredrick said...

Good point. And I don't see a need really to get rid of the Campbells. I deleted as soon as I watched it, so yeah, not a favorite.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I liked all the Bobby stuff, especially his cranial saw - of course! - in his trunk. LOL!

And I liked the Blue Label cheers-to-you Rufus moment at the graveside.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

It wasn't my favorite episode, but I didn't dislike it. I don't think the whole Campbell thing was working out the way they wanted it to, so it served a purpose in feeding the Mother storyline and ending that thread.

More importantly, for me, it solidified Sam and Dean's relationship even further. I mean, isn't this what we've wanted all along? The boys aren't lying to each other, or being dictatorial/rebellious. They trust each other fully, and have a new comfort level that comes with that.

I was sad that Gwen died, and hated Rufus dying even more, but that's the show. :( We're used to losing characters and getting more that are equally fantastic. :)

Cannot WAIT for the hot-cowboys episode. When they pushed the January return by a week, some reports said it would shorten the March hellatus, but they were wrong. It's just as long, and it only pushed the season finale a week later, instead. :( Booo hissss.