Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The crew is back at work on Season 7 starting this week. From what I can tell, neither Jared nor Jensen had any extra curricular activities this hiatus--no new movies for us.

So I was thinking--what kind of movies would you like to see the guys in?

I had so wanted Jensen to play Captain America. My husband, a big Marvel fan, said he's too old, though.

I had also wanted Jensen to play Captain Kirk (clearly I want him in some position of authority.)

He'd be a great romantic comedy lead. Or even a romantic lead in a movie like The Notebook.

I'd love to see Jared in an action hero role. Or maybe a cyberpunk kind of role. Or a post-apoc movie.

What are the dream roles you have for the Js?


Pat C. said...

I've already seen Jensen as a vampire/vampire slayer on the show, so that's one down. I "cast" Jared as a prostitute in one of my books. He'd make one sexy whore. Oh wait, you're talking about a movie role.

kp said...

Jensen could be the new Harrison Ford. I think he can pull off anything put in front of him. He's just got to age a bit, the pretty has got to dim a little.
Jared Action / Adventure though nobody would be happier than me to see him salt-n-burn some Sorkin.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL, Pat! I've cast both of them in books, too.

I agree, KP, about Jensen being the new Harrison. I'd love to see him in a psychological thriller. Not the scary kind, the adventurous kind. He can do so much subtle emotion.

I think Jared would be as good in a romantic comedy as an action/adventure. Think something along the lines of a more sophisticated Blast from the Past. I love when a goofy hero goes intense, and he can do both excellently!

Good topic, MJ! I think I could chat about this one all day. LOL

Pat C. said...

Thinking about "Born Under a Bad Sign." Jared would make one hell of a charming bad guy.