Monday, July 11, 2011

SPN News as Shooting for Season 7 Begins

Slow trickle of news at this time of year. It should pick up now that they're filming again, though! :)

Are you one of the fans upset or cautiously optimistic about Misha Collins' role as Castiel in season 7? Laura Prudom of AOL TV went to Haiti with Misha and Random Acts, and took the opportunity to ask him about it. Mild spoilers.

Alona Tal tweeted (in a vague kind of way) that she'll be back on the show in some capacity in season 7. You can read an analysis here.

In other casting news, Kim Rhodes (Bobby's Sheriff Millsannounced at the NJ Salute to Supernatural that she'll be back this season, too—filming right after Comic-Con.

My two favorite shows collide yet again! Yesterday my Google alert included links to an article confirming that Jewel Staite will be guest-starring in the episode Jensen is directing! Set photos can be found here, taken by a fan. You can't see Jewel's face in either shot, but die-hard fans may recognize body language and head shape. LOL

At Comic-Con's preview night on July 20th, Warner Bros. will be sneak-peaking the anime series. (Details here.

Speaking of Comic-Con... If you're going, you're in for a treat. Warner Bros. is putting Supernatural in Hall H! The panel will be Sunday from 11:15 to 12:15. Be warned: It's followed by the Doctor Who panel. There's a lot of overlap in fandoms, so that might work out nicely, but still take the huge Doctor Who following into account in your planning. (Remember when the Twihards filled the hall early so the Avatar people couldn't get in?)

Anyone hear any other news?