Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Misha Minions

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Terri's post about the legend of the Crossroads Demon will be rescheduled. Instead, we bring you beauty and hilarity...

I am still actively resisting Twitter, because I know how easily it will crush my already difficult schedule. But I do check out one Twitter profile from time to time, because this guy is freakin' hilarious.

My exposure to Misha-the-actor has only been on Supernatural. When I got to see him in person at the Salute to Supernatural convention in March, he was funny, engaging, and delightful. But I could never have predicted the stomach-busting laughter he could inspire. I heartily recommend going to the beginning and reading all the way through. He posts in bursts, so it really won't take that long. And make sure to click through to his twit pics. The guard and the Stonehenge! *falls down laughing*

It didn't take Misha long to work up to 14,000+ minions, as he calls his Twitter followers. One of them has started a website dedicated to Misha's Minions, and there I found this cool video:

What other Supernatural people are on Twitter? Who do you follow? Post in the comments and we'll create a list!

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