Friday, July 24, 2009

Winchesters on other TV shows

I know, you're thinking, "There are other TV shows besides Supernatural?" Unfortunately, yes, there are. And I wouldn't have come to SPN without first falling for Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Grey's Anatomy, so I have to credit that show.

Here are some other shows you might have seen the Winchesters in.


Grey’s Anatomy 2006-2009

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Denny, a heart patient that intern Izzy Stevens falls for, risks her career for, and then he DIES. How rude. He returned last season as a symptom of her brain tumor, but this was the speech that had women around the country falling in love with him.


Gilmore Girls 2000-2005

Jared pretty much jumped from high school to Gilmore Girls, where he played the very nice boyfriend Dean Forester to very nice girl Rory Gilmore.


Days of our Lives (1997-2000)

Jensen played Eric Brady, twin son of Marlena and Roman Brady. I know I had to be watching this when he was on, but I mostly remember when his character was a baby.

Dark Angel (2001-2002)
Wow, I didn’t realize this was so long ago. I bought this season on DVD because he was just adorable. He was a genetically engineered super-soldier, raised by the group Manticore, and assigned as Jessica Alba’s character Max’s breeding partner in Season 2 of Dark Angel. He’s a charmer, though, once he leaves the Manticore facility and enters Max’s world. He also plays the evil twin of Alec (named because of his smart-alec attitude.) I liked this show, but it had no resolution before it was cancelled.

Dawson’s Creek (2002-2003)

I didn’t see him on this, but he played Jen’s boyfriend.

Smallville (sorry, Natalie, this clip has Lana) 2004-2005

He played a man who fell for Lana when she was on a trip to France. He followed her back to Smallville and got a job as an assistant coach who had an inappropriate relationship with a student. As a teen-aged girl, I would have bought into the fantasy. As a teacher, I’m creeped out.

What’s your favorite show from our Supernatural boys? Did you know about the actors before you followed them to Supernatural?


Trish Milburn said...

I loved Dark Angel. Yet another show I was upset they canceled. I'm going to have to get the DVDs and re-watch. That's a pretty funny clip with him using the British accent.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

LOL about Lana. I skipped that clip. :) That's the only show I ever saw the guys on before SPN, and I have to admit, I thought Jensen was cute, but he didn't have the impact on me he had with SPN.

I never watched Grey's. Got Dark Angel and Gilmore Girls on DVD after I started watching SPN. I loved Alec on Dark Angel. A character not too unlike Dean, except much lighter, without so much burden on his shoulders. I thought he was TREMENDOUS as Ben(?) in the season 1 ep he did.

Jensen's hair on Dawson's Creek and Days was ridiculous! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sigh. My God, but Jensen makes me swoon. Sigh.

MJFredrick said...

I heard Jensen thinks his hair is his worst feature ;)

I have Grey's, GG, and Dark Angel on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you, Terri :-) My hubby and I used to watch Dark Angel--all the way from the first ep to the random finale which we didn't realize was going to end the series. But where I knew either of the boys from was Gilmore Girls. It took me forever to call the Winchester boys by the right names since I was so used to Jared being "Dean."