Friday, October 16, 2009

I Believe the Children Are Our Future

So I signed on this morning to read the episode review for I Believe the Children Are Our Future only to learn that I was supposed to be the one who wrote it! (What happened to my reminder notice?) Since I’m past deadline, I’m just doing a quick recap and then highlighting my favorite moments.

The boys arrive in Alliance, Nebraska where people are falling prey to children’s urban legends – itching powder will make you scratch your brains out, hand buzzers will electrocute you to death, ingesting pop rocks and soda will hospitalize you, etc. Turns out one little boy named Jesse Turner believes the lies his adopted parents have told him so completely he’s making the events actually happen to his townspeople. The Winchesters quickly deem he’s a good kid, who doesn’t mean to be doing these things, but they have to ask WHY he’s capable of such power. Short answer—he’s a half-human, half-demon, born to a virgin who was possessed. Cass tells the brothers this child is the anti-christ, not Lucifer’s son, but demon spawn so powerful he’s the Devil’s greatest weapon. Cass wants to kill the boy before Lucifer can twist him to his purpose and, in Dean’s words, “nuke the angels.” Sam is appalled by Cass’s plan and suggests they tell the boy the truth and allow him to make the right choice. Cass said Sam didn’t do the right thing and he can’t take that chance with the boy. Mom gets repossessed and everyone shows up at Jesse’s house. Cass gets zapped into an action figure and, after learning just how scarily strong Jesse is, the boys do tell Jesse the truth about his parentage. He effortlessly vanquishes the demon and asks if he can say goodbye to his family before the Winchester’s take him to Bobby’s to keep him safe and train him to fight in the war. They agree and while he’s out of sight he, presumably, if the picture on his wall is any indication, magics himself to Australia. The episode ends with Cass returning to full-size and the brothers understanding why parents tell kids the cautionary lies they do and wishing their own father had lied to them.

I loved this episode! Unlike last week’s, which I thought was an awkward balance of light and dark, this one got it right. It advanced the mythology, but had me LMAO.

“That’ll do pig.” Dean’s delight in the huge, buzzer-cooked ham cracked me up.

“I got bored. That nurse was hot.” Dean
“Do NOT use my razor.” Sam
I nearly DIED when I saw Dean’s hairy palm. The only time I’ve laughed harder in an SPN episode was the cat in the locker scene in Yellow Fever.

“That wasn’t me.” Cass
All three of the guys reactions to the whoopee cushion was hysterical.

“Because I have to believe someone can make the right choice. Even if I couldn’t.” Sam
Wow, just wow. Beautifully played, Jared.

And major kudos to Gattlin Griffith who was freakin’ adorable, but believably played a kick-ass cambion. I'm sure that's not the last we'll see of him.

So, what did you think? What were your favorite parts?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

You nailed it, Terri! My favorite parts were all the ones you named, and THIS episode is now my favorite of the season. Just, wow.

I also loved how in sync the boys were. Dean was actually kind of light-hearted, now that he's let go of the burden of being in charge of Sam. They haven't completely changed--Dean still delights in annoying Sam, Sam is still happy being the mature one, exasperated by his brother. But they were at ease with each other in a way they haven't been in two seasons. I LOVE IT.

I kept thinking of "Mystery Spot," because the mixture of humor and pathos was similar. I have to see who directed it, because it just all blends so seamlessly.

Jesse's moist eyes and sweet face, his intelligence and willingness to make the choice even while he was crying out for help just killed me. I agree, we'll see him again, and I SO hope he's on the boys' side!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was wonderful to see the boys at ease with each other. The whole thing did my heart good. :)

MJFredrick said...

LOVED THIS EPISODE. It's in my top ten all time favorites. Just awesome. And where do they find these terrific kid actors?

I think I'll rewatch it now....

Anonymous said...

"Seriously? Still with the ham?"

This one felt more like "classic" SPN to me--emotion and humor and lore and the guys as A TEAM. Not an always perfect team, but still. I've missed that.

And I'm with MJ--the casting directors seem to find awesome kids to work with. The children's parts in this show--from younger Sam & Dean even to creepy Lilith--have always been acted really well, IMO. I loved Jesse and hope we see him again! (Not as a force of evil, preferably).

I liked the plot twist where they took bizarre happenings, played partly for comic effect (such as we've seen before, in that wishing well ep, for instance) and looped it back to the overall plot (currently, the apocalypse). That is reminiscent of Mystery Spot and the talent the writers have to not just do a fun scene but to have it be important in the larger picture.