Monday, November 23, 2009

SPN Monday News

I know, I know, this post should have been up hours ago. But, knowing there will be no new eps until January, I have sunk into a lethargic depression and am moving at half my normal speed... With no new episodes for weeks on end--and Nat announcing Jensen's engagement last week--I found that this was a slightly slower week. Almost everything I saw tended to focus on the 100th episode. (And the controversy over a possibly premature rumor that Jensen is directing it.)

Here's a quick summary of the 100th episode (with, I suppose, vague spoilers) from Ausiello over at EW:

Also from EW, this apology for scooping that Jensen was directing said episode and takeback that maybe he's not, as no one from CW as confirmed:

Honestly, my best announcement today is that you will not want to miss Natalie's post on Wednesday! I won't steal her thunder, but little birdies report that she has an actual interview with someone who's appeared in a few SPN episodes. (Said someone, IMO, is awesome, as I'm sure her interview will be!)

See you here Wednesday...


Poppycole said...

Anyone else catch the TV guide blurb on Supernatural? Lots of juicy tidbits there...:0)

Poppycole said...


I'm especially excited about the flashback episode....hoping maybe we get a little JDM.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

In the actual TV guide magazine, Poppy? I think I deliberately avoided it, as well as an interview with Kripke that's floating around, because I'm trying to remain unspoiled!

A JDM return would be FANTASTIC!