Monday, November 30, 2009

Supernatural News Lite

Not a lot of news that I can find this week.

Huffington Post called Supernatural the best show on the CW.

Jared and Jensen are named in the top 50 Teen Idols by (Jared #21 and Jensen #36. Not sure I agree with that!) But they're listed there with teen idols from years past, so any showing is good!

Ghostfacers was named one of the top 14 greatest format-breaking episodes ever by SFX, the science fiction magazine.

It's so good to see the show get wider coverage!

Since I couldn't find much in the way of news, I thought I'd help you with your shopping this year. There are some cool Supernatural-themed products at Cafe Press. I asked for this:

And this:

This is fun too:

Then there are calendars. This year Creation Entertainment will let you choose Sam or Dean, or if you can't, you can have both!


Anonymous said...

I ordered the both calendar.

Unknown said...

I just realized I never made it over here to read this on Monday. Thanks for the shopping list! LOL