Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Apocalyptic Movies


The apocalypse is upon us. God has lost faith in mankind. An angel comes to help a handful of humans to fight against the angels, including Gabriel.

Sound familiar?

Nope, not Supernatural. The new movie Legion, starring Adrienne Palicki (LOVE!), Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid. (Looks like Kate Walsh, too.)

So is Kripke ahead of his time here? Is it serendipity? There do seem to be a number of apocalyptic movies out now—2012, The Book of Eli, The Road and now Legion.

I still wonder how much Kripke knew about this season when he started. I imagine he knew it would be brother v. brother, that he knew it would be apocalyptic. I know he didn't expect to go with angels. Will this movie boost Supernatural, or will the reverse happen? I know I want to see it. (Adrienne Palicki--yay!)


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Legion looks like it could be either awesome or ridiculous. I have a melodrama aftertaste. LOL But it does make me want to see it!

Hard to say if the movie could boost the show. It has such a low profile, overall, that I don't know if it will get much more attention. It also has the disadvantage of being well along in the story.

But interesting that the show returns the day before the movie opens. I wonder if that's intentional? I won't be surprised to see special promo during the show.

Anonymous said...

I am DYING to see Legion. I can't wait!