Monday, January 11, 2010

Supernatural News for the Second-to-Last Week of Hiatus

Thanks to MJ for feeding me so many links this week! :) She's responsible for, like, three-quarters of this post!

Including this BREAKING NEWS! Okay, it broke Saturday. Ausiello at has a post quoting Dawn Ostroff as saying Kripke is warming to a sixth season. She certainly sounds in favor of it, and as some "experts" have pointed out, their slate and track record are hurting bad, so they'll want Supernatural back. "Success" at the CW is crash-and-burn anywhere else, and thank goodness for that! (The day after Ausiello posted, The TV Addict posted a short interview with Dawn Ostroff.)

Check out The People's Choice Awards, in which Supernatural won Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show!

Next, we have to post The Second Biggest News: Jared is definitely engaged to Genevieve.

More awards. And end-of-year accolades, and here and here and here.

Spoilers here. I didn't look. :)

There's a Mr. Twitter contest going on. When I compiled this, Misha Collins was at #3, Jim Beaver at #5, Rob Benedict(?) (Chuck) at #7, Chad Lindberg (Ash) at #10, and Colin Ford(?) (Young!Sam) at #11. (Note: (?) means these are not verified accounts, and I personally have seen or heard nothing that confirms they are the actual actor instead of fan imposters. Misha and Jim I'm pretty certain are accurate, but I wouldn't, like, bet my life on it or anything. :) ) ETA: I've been contacted by someone who knows Chad who says this is his actual Twitter account, and additional research bears it out. :)

I got an e-mail about a podcast Todd Stashwick did. I haven't listened yet, and it sounds like he only briefly mentions Supernatural, but if you're interested: (links to iTunes) or (links to

And finally, Support Supernatural is launching its 2010 campaign. This site has a dual purpose: raising awareness of the show, and raising money for charity. In 2009 they were approached to support A Dog's Life Rescue, a pet (get it?) charity of Jared Padalecki's, and they raised around $17,000 for them. Their goal in 2010 is $30,000, and Creation Entertainment has joined in to help them. Which means you can win some really cool sh**. :) Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I def think Colin Ford's twitter is real. I follow him and Ash. And Colin just posted that he's heading to Vancouver to film a small spot for SPN. Yay!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...


(I just figured I'd better cover my butt, 'cause you know if they weren't real, some people would be all over me for my idiocy. LOL)