Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Floor of the Writers' Room

It goes without saying that we’re excited about the show coming back on tomorrow! But lately, SPN fans have also been excited about the possibility of the show coming back next year. Television history demonstrates that sometimes series which have been on the air awhile have to alter their original direction—characters who have been in high school for the show's entire run move on to new settings and plots on college campuses; a show that was initially based on the “power of three” sisters killed one off and had to cast about for a way to play off the premise; and after four seasons of fighting Wolfram and Hart, Angel accepts a job offer to work for them.

So, if the Winchesters return for an unexpected sixth season after the Apocalypse (which many feel is a natural end), will it be more of the same, or will the writers revamp the show entirely?

I was recently given a wadded up piece of paper from an unnamed source (my imagination. What, you named yours?) Said paper is rumored to have been found near the wastebasket in the Supernatural Writers’ Room, giving us a rare what-might-have-been peek at some proposed—but ultimately rejected—new directions for the brothers Winchester.

1. In the season five finale, Dean is killed in a climactic battle but, during the episode’s last few seconds, “downloads” into a new body. Season six opens with Sam’s stunned realization that his brother is a Cylon. The resulting story arc unravels the mystery of who else might not be human and why Bobby is suddenly hearing Dylan music.

2. With the Apocalypse behind them, Sam returns to law school and the sixth season premiere kicks off SPN's new legal-drama format. Sam finds himself defending Dean against a murder charge. Richard Speight Jr. guest stars as the prosecuting attorney.

3. The Apocalypse is over. But our boys are so traumatized by what they’ve seen and done that all they want to do is forget for a few years. Enter a mysterious British woman who works for a shadowy corporation. She offers them the refuge of a temporary fresh slate, if they will allow their minds to be wiped clean and “imprinted” with different personalities…some of which might be sent on risqué assignments such as sleeping with multiple female clients. However, this show never really finds its feet and is ultimately axed, due to Dean scoffing that he’s perfectly happy to sleep with dozens of women without any personality transfers and Sam--broad-shouldered, tall, tall Sam—inadvertently breaks the treatment chair the first time he sits in it.

4. Now that the day has been saved and demons have retreated below to lick their wounds, Hunters everywhere are at loose ends. What to do next? With their accumulated knowledge of American diner cuisine, Sam, Dean and others compete against each other for the title of Top Short Order Cook. Quickfire challenges include best roadtrip snack and best new take on pig in a poke. The entire season is hosted by Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio, with the Ghostfacers rounding out Judge’s Table.



It’s probably best that the writers aren’t going with any of these and we all just wait to see what Kripke and Co. decide!


Barbara said...

Well I don't like the idea of Dean dying at all. But I do have to admit that if he became a doll I'd certainly rob a bank to hire him for an engagement. I know just the place too. I'd need a few things.

1. Ski mask

2. Some sort of weapon

3. Duct Tape

4. Rope

Maybe three witches will revive Dean or a crazy genius with a thing for sweater vests.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Bard Girl!

Barbara said...

What can I say I just might have a teeny tiny crush on the guy along with his doppelgangers over the years.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Tanya, this cracked me up! I LOVE your imagination!

You missed the one where they take Sam's roadside medical skills and Dean's latent marketing talent (residual from "It's a Terrible Life") and decide to stop waiting for Obama's solution to the health care crisis. They open a clinic called "Roadside Medical" and the angels who remained on earth after the apocalypse (we do have chocolate, after all) become the medics under Sam's leadership.

Anonymous said...

Tanya this was a hoot. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Glad I could amuse :-) Soooo ready for tonight!