Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday News for Thanksgiving Week

There is no other way to start this post than to say I am thankful for Supernatural. I know, total cliché. Sorry. Moving on.

First, the bad news, which I discovered as I started preparing this last Wednesday but by now those who watched the preview at the end of the last episode will have discovered: no new Supernatural next week! What, they think people don't watch TV gorged with turkey leftovers and exhausted from doorbuster shopping? Crazy.

Worse news? Hellatus begins after the December 10th episode, as mentioned in this EW interview with Sera Gamble. What she says (SPOILER ALERT) may be encouraging. Or not. And we thought Kripke was evil!

Get your holiday gift list ready: The Supernatural Season Five Official Companion is out!

Don't forget to vote in the People's Choice Awards. Supernatural made the finals for "Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show."

I saw lots of spoilers in the news (this is why I delete all my Google alerts when I'm not responsible for News Monday!):

Upcoming guest star; TV Guide Preview; Episode 10 photos (possibly a duplicate from the guest star link); Interview with Misha. Here's another, slightly older, interview with Misha. More spoiler tidbits from Sera Gamble.

And a new interview with Jensen and Jared. It's a new post, but it was conducted before the premiere, so their hints are amusing now that we know the truth about things. There's only one thing that could be considered a spoiler, about the necklace.

Here's a Misha Collins property that's way too entertaining for its description. Warning: last ten seconds not safe for anyone under, like, 18.

Anyone watch Castle a couple of weeks ago? The actor who played Jesse, the AntiChrist, was an abducted child. His mother was played by Ever Carradine, who played his mother on Supernatural, too! What guest-star spottings have you made recently?


Unknown said...

Thanks for the news, Natalie. I'm with you, I can't believe there's no new ep this week. Plus..PLUS, I had to wait until Saturday to watch because of the Bulls game. Arrrgh! I have a horrid feeling because they've moved to Fridays and this is basketball season, there will be a lot more pre-emptings and Saturday night viewings.

MJFredrick said...

Bella is on Vampire Diaries and Lucky the shifter is on Walking Dead.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

That sucks, Melissa! I hope there aren't a lot of conflicts. We only had one (two?) with baseball, but it was the end of the season, and you have a lot longer overlap with basketball. :(

I knew that about Bella, MJ, though I don't watch the show so I forgot. And I THOUGHT that was Lucky on Walking Dead! (We're now 2 weeks behind. Hm. Maybe I saw him on something else. I can't remember...)

Anonymous said...

Wow I read the fan comments to the EW interview with Sera and the vast majority were not happy.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I never read the comments, Terri, mostly because the bad grammar gives me a headache. LOL Is it because of the midseason thing? They do realize that's only a couple more episodes, right? At least they didn't say "not before the end of the season."