Monday, January 31, 2011

News for the Week of Thank God the Show is Back...Oh, Wait

Originally, I said "Yay, it's back! But I'm already sad." Now I'm doubly sad, as (according to EW) due to pre-emptions in Chicago and Baltimore and Vampire Diaries going up against American Idol for the first time, the return of Smallville and Supernatural got pushed back so the CW could air VD and Nikita in rerun. This article talks about how well that worked out (or didn't).

While I prepared this post last week, I ignored all the articles about "Like a Virgin," because it was supposed to have aired by now. Suffice to say it sounds AWESOME, exactly what we've been craving all season, and supposedly we'll have a new appreciation for Jared Padalecki's first-half performance. I can't wait.

The new episodes were scheduled to last through February 25th, with a new hellatus for the entire month of March (now possibly altered due to this push-back). CW's schedule here. SPN-centric list of episode titles here.

Sera Gamble did an interview with The Winchester Family Business. I didn't want to read it, as it contains spoilers, but I couldn't help myself. I particularly loved this general comment:

WFB: Is the brotherly relationship ready to go back to the path of healing, or does that road still have a lot of bumps ahead?

SG: There are always bumps. It’s
Supernatural. But they’re not feed-you-to-vampire sized bumps.

She did another interview with Maureen Ryan that I did not read.

TV Line (Michael Ausiello's new site) has a newrenewal scorecard that lists Supernatural as a sure thing for next season. Yay!

Actors are always asked if they'll return to Supernatural, and always say that on this show, anything can happen. It came up re: Mark Pellegrino last week. He's now on Being Human.

Missing Jeffrey Dean Morgan? To further ensure he'll have no time for an encore appearance on Supernatural, he's soon to be starring in a new drama on Starz (unless those final negotiations fail).

In casting news, Sonya Salomaa (Watchmen) will play a tough angel in a potentially recurring role. Also, Death will be returning (like we couldn't guess that) as will...ELLEN!


Unknown said...

I was infuriated that CW post-poned SPN in favor of reruns of TVD and Nikita. They should have just let the situation ride instead of screwing with things. Had a similar situation at SyFy on Friday night when they pre-empted Merlin for a re-run of Being Human. I love BH, but I didn't need to see the same ep for the fifth time Friday night.

Great interview with Sera, thanks Natalie.

MJFredrick said...

I did not know that about JDM! Thank you thank you thank you!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I agree, Melissa, and hopefully they learned their lesson.

That makes me so happy, MJ! LOL