Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Heart Will Go On

THE SHOW IS BACK! I haven’t been this excited about an episode in a long time, y’all. Interesting that the title is “My Heart Will Go On” and it’s the 99th anniversary of the Titanic. I wonder if that's why they extended hellatus another week.

THEN shows us some of the hunters we’ve lost over the past couple of seasons—Jo, Ellen and Rufus, then talks about the angel rebellion.

The first scene is like one of those Rube-Goldberg machines, just like that OK Go video, only with a lot more blood. EWW! Who was that guy, and why do we care?

It’s funny to see Bobby’s house after seeing it in The French Mistake as a set. Turns out Bobby hasn’t slept for days after killing Rufus when he was possessed. The brothers decide to take him out of the house on a job, where three members who are blood relatives have all died freaky deaths, including the guy in the first scene. They suspect a curse. Bobby kicked them out of the house to go on the job.

The brothers get into a Mustang (where’s the Impala?) that has the Impala’s old license plates from the first season, and ask if they shouldn’t wait until “SHE” gets here. “SHE” turns out to be Ellen, who’s been gone a week hunting with Jo. What did I miss here? She kisses Bobby’s cheek and when he calls her a pain in the ass, she says that’s why he married her.

What is going on?

New scene shows the brothers being all X-Files in the garage, looking for clues about the man in the first scene’s death. They find gold, which alarms them. Sam goes to check family records and sends Dean to talk to next of kin. Dean talks to a cousin under the guise of doing geneaology research, trying to find the source of a curse. He doesn’t cover himself very well.

The next scene is a travel agent, and while she’s talking, the scene pauses. A blonde walks on, steals the woman’s keys and sets them on the floor by the copy machine. She reaches to pick them up and knocks over a vase of water, which falls on the machine, shorting it out. While the woman tries to stop it, her scarf is caught in the feeder and she’s strangled. The blonde returns, crosses out a name in a book with a gold-tasseled pen and walks away.

The brothers investigate, but are puzzled because the woman isn’t related to the original family they were investigating. They find a gold tassel from the pen and call Ellen, who says they’ve seen about 75 nationwide, and Jo and her crew are investigating.

ZOMG! All the families came over on the same boat in 1912, the Titanic. In this reality, it never sank. It had a close call with an iceberg. The first mate who spotted it in the nick of time—Balthazar. They call him to question him about it. It was meant to sink and he saved it. Why? Because he hated the movie, and the Celine Dion song made him want to kill himself. When Sam asks who is Celine Dion, Balthazar responds that she’s a destitute lounge singer in Quebec, and to keep it that way, please. When Sam asks how he can change history, and Balthazar said there are no rules. Sam accuses him of “Butterfly Effect-ing” history. Dean stops him to say, “Dude. Rule 1. No Kutcher references.”

Balthazar says just small details are different, that they don’t drive an Impala. The brothers look at each other. Balthazar tells them not to ask what an Impala is. He also drops the bomb that Ellen and Jo are alive because of that action. Dean and Sam tell him because of that, 50,000 people will die. He tells them he doesn’t care, that’s the other angel in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with you. He looks at Dean when he says it.

Bobby reasons out that it’s Fate, who spins out the way you die on a piece of pure gold. Sam recognizes the reference and Dean calls him a nerd, which harks back to the first season. The book she has is her “dayrunner of death.” Bobby doesn’t think they can stop Fate. The easiest way would be to get the angel to sink the boat. Dean confesses Ellen and Jo’s fates depend on the boat not sinking. Bobby stares at a picture of him and Ellen all happy in front of the scrapyard and demands that they do not let the angels sink the boat.

They decide to try to save the guy Dean had gone to see as a researcher and almost had a part in his death. When he’s walking away from them, he’s creamed by a bus while the brothers watch, horrified. The bus even has an ad for his law firm. Sam spots the blonde in the window of an unoccupied building. Dean asks what she looked like, and Sam says a librarian. Dean asks, “Your kind of librarian, or my kind of librarian?” Sam replies that she had clothes on. I’m loving the banter. They decide to go “talk” to her. Dean flashes his gun and they step into the building. The clock stops while all the gas knobs are turned on, and time starts again. Dean’s flashlight goes out so he draws out a lighter, and now my Tivo is stuttering. They step through the kitchen doors as Dean’s lighter catches, and the boys are snatched to a park or something by Castiel. Castiel reveals that Fate has it in for the brothers because they averted the apocalypse and rendering her obsolete. He tells them they have to kill her, that Balthazar has a weapon that would do the job. He said they’re going to “Tempt Fate.”

Back at Bobby’s, he lets Ellen know what would happen if the boat sinks. I love seeing Ellen again. He tells her he needs her, and she goes all Han Solo. “I know.”

The boys are jumpy knowing Fate is after them, and as “One Way or Another” by Blondie plays, they almost get nailed by a skateboarder, a bike rider, angry big dogs, jugglers with knives and hatchets ON FIRE. They walk through, Sam with his eyes closed. There’s a guy with a malfunctioning nail gun, a falling AC unit (I think that’s what it was) and then time stops. Castiel walks into the scene, followed by the blonde. She accuses Castiel and the brothers of ruining her life. God had given her a job and she had a script until Castiel threw out the book. He said freedom is better, but she said it’s not freedom, it’s chaos. He tells her that her services are no longer required. She tells him he’s already changed the future, but he can’t change the past. She accuses him of sending Balthazar back to save those people for the souls, 50,000 more for his war machine. She said if he doesn’t go back to sink the boat, she’ll kill his two favorite pets. And if he kills her, her sisters will come at Sam and Dean. While she’s talking to Cas, Balthazar comes up behind her with his weapon, but Cas stops him just in time. “Awkward,” Balthazar says. She orders Castiel to set things right. Before she goes, Blathazar offers to remove the stick from her—She stops him, and he agrees to sink the Titanic. The AC unit crashes to the ground.

The boys wake up in the Impala to “My Heart Will Go On” playing on the radio. Sam says he had the weirdest dream. Dean said his was weirder because it had the Titanic in it. Castiel appears and tells them it wasn’t a dream. He says they went back to sink the Titanic, and Sam is stunned. “You killed 50,000 people for us.” “No I didn’t. They were never born.” Dean asks about Ellen and Jo, and they’re gone. Dean asks if that timeline is just erased. Castiel says yes, but Dean and Sam remember because Castiel wanted them to remember, wanted them to understand Fate because he still believes freedom is the most important thing, worth fighting for. Sam and Dean taught Cas to choose his own destiny. He doesn’t reveal that he sent Balthazar back to do the job.

The brothers feel bad for Bobby, who doesn’t know how good he had it. The ending shot is the photo of Bobby, alone in front of the scrapyard.

I really liked the episode. It had a feel of the older episodes. I'll have to watch again though, when I'm not writing it up!


Anonymous said...

Loved this episode. My fave scene was when One Way or Another played, so apropos. The faces the boys made as they headed from one danger to another kept cracking me up. And the demonstrated just what Castiel is willing to do to win the war. How dark he's gotten!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

As soon as they got into the Mustang, I thought - it's Alternate Universe Night on the CW.

I also thought it was funny to be noticing the Bobby's house set.

The silent fight about who was going to tell Bobby he needed some sleep was hysterical. As well as the escalating dangers walk, especially when they got to the flaming hatchet jugglers.

It was SO nice to watch a new episode. I guess the hellatus was good practice for the summer :-(

Trish Milburn said...

I just got to watch the episode today and really enjoyed it. Loved how the boys played Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who talked to Bobby. Also when the bus hit the guy and Dean was laughing at the add on the bus about how the guy was a lawyer in wrongful death suits, I was sort of laughing right along with him. Then laughed again when he said, "Too soon?" and Sam says, "Yeah, I think 6 seconds qualifies as too soon." LOL! Also funny was I had to pause the TiVo right after the bus hit, and the look on Sam's face was too funny.

Also, did you all notice that in the alternate reality, Sam and Dean were actually staying in a decent looking hotel room?

Unknown said...

My favorite lines were right after Sam saw Fate.
Dean "What'd she look like?"
Sam "A librarian."
Dean "My kind of librarian or your kind of librarian?"

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Actually, the hiatus was "extended" because the show came back a week late from the LAST hiatus, and the CW actually changed the order of episodes because of the anniversary of the Titanic. But I'm really annoyed with them because they kept previewing Frontierville (on the website, at least), but with this episode's title. I was so CONFUSED, waiting for them to go back to the old west! LOL

I really liked the ep, though. The small and big differences (Detroit and Cuba being major vacation destinations LOL), seeing Ellen again, and mostly, the relationship between Balthazar and Castiel and the hints about the souls being currency. I can't wait to get to the meat of the war.

kp said...

Thanks Natalie for noticing that - I'd thought I was hallucinating the Old West ep expectation.
Also, I thought Fate would've been Dean's librarian (hot, sexy girl w/ glasses) vs. Sam's Older Lady with glasses on a pearl & chain leash. - silly me, I was using my "girl cliche" imagination instead of the "porn addicted guy" version. :)