Friday, May 11, 2012

There Will Be Blood

Argh! Something is wonky with my TiVo, and it was recording a rerun of Deadliest Catch instead of the first run episode of Supernatural. I also realize that I've missed a couple of other episodes. I was confused about how and when Bobby made a reappearance. And after reading Tanya's recap of the episode with Felicia Day, I may have said many ugly words to my TiVo. I love Felicia Day! Wah! Note to self -- do a Google search to figure out why TiVo is acting wonky.

Anyway, I realized what was going on when I started watching at about the 25-minute mark. As you can imagine, I was confused for a while. I came in at the point where Sam and Dean are talking to a vampire on a bench drinking what looks like a Big Gulp. Evidently, something wonky is going on because the vamp doesn't act like a vamp. I find out later that Dick Roman and his Leviathan buddies are putting something in the vamps' food supply (??) that's making them dumb. Later Edgar the Leviathan reveals that they plan to take out the vamps, werewolves, shifters, basically anything that feeds on humans so all the humans are left for the Leviathans. Wow, I'll be so glad when the Leviathans are gone.

Anyway, after a little online research, I figure out that there are three things that Sam and Dean need to make a weapon to kill the Leviathans. Something from Castiel, something from Crowley, and blood from the Alpha vampire. There's also a girl named Emily who Sam and Dean are helping, evidently because she'd been kidnapped as a child by the Alpha. Only she's playing Sam and Dean, and she's really on the Alpha's side. Dean, being Dean, makes a smart-ass comment about Stockholm syndrome.

When the Alpha's henchmen grab Sam and Dean, the boys try to tell the Alpha what Dick and his crew are up to, but the Alpha insists he's on good terms with Dick. But you see a hint of question in his expression, so it's not a surprise when Edgar shows up and the Alpha brings up what the boys said. Fighting ensues, and the boys, who have managed to free themselves, cut off Edgar's head. The Alpha gives Sam and Dan a glass of his blood for their weapon and sends them on their way, but not before agreeing to let a little boy he has taken go with them.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, Bobby jumps into a cleaning lady's body, figures out the code to the safe that holds his flask (to which his spirit is evidently attached), and heads off to presumably kick Dick Roman's ass. You know, for killing him. When Sam and Dean return to find Bobby and the flask gone, they worry about where Bobby is and what he's going to do, but they have no idea where to look for him. They talk about being partway to being able to take down Roman, and how the plan rests with Crowley now. "What could go wrong?" Dean asks.

Cut to a scene where Dick is calling up Crowley into a devil's trap and telling him they need to talk.

Word is that someone on the good side is going to bite it in the season finale, and I'm afraid it's going to be Castiel. I really don't want to see him gone for good, but then I want him and Bobby back to the way they were. My favorite episodes are the ones where Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby were working and wisecracking together. I miss that.


Sam said...

Didnt really like the episode. which is surprising considering i am almost always biased in case of supernatural.. But i have to disagree on the death of a major character. That is i believe its going to be Bobby not castiel that is finally going to bite it..
PS:- Natalie i did say bobby would go vengeful didn't i? :D

kp said...

just fyi- Big Gulp Doofus was a human drugged by the 'altered' high fructose corn syrup. It keeps everyone fat dumb and slow so the leviathans can farm us but ALSO poisons us to any other monster. ex. vamps die if they drink a human.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Oh, Trish, your recap was so funny because of your missing holes! LOL You HAVE to go back and watch the episodes you missed. They're on the CW and I think IMDb for free, and of course iTunes and Amazon for a couple of bucks.

Sam, you did say so, and he is, but I think it's slower than it would normally be because he's trying to control it. PLUS, I don't think it would happen if Sam and Dean weren't being so protective and therefore exacerbating the rage that causes it. I think you're right, that Bobby is going to blow it all on Dick, and then go gracefully into the light.

Though I'm kind of annoyed about the "there's never been a non-vengeful spirit" discussion, because they met TWO of them. *huffs*

To expound on kp's comment, the people are being drugged by the chemical they'd used in the turducken sandwiches at Biggerson's. They apparently worked out the aggression bug.

I liked the parlay with the Alpha and thought he did a good job balancing his sense of superiority with his fear. I was going two ways on Emily: I was suspicious that she was so calm and adjusted, but when she said the line about virgins, I went "oh crap" because they need a bone of someone virtuous. Still don't know where they're going to get that!

I loved Dean's annoyance about having to eat healthy. :)

cas ryan said...

i actually dont think castiel will die mainly for the fact misha said he was in talks with the writers he also said that his characters story ISNT wrapped up the article i read about the character biting it said departure not death it could be that their trying to keep us guessing but a departure im guessing would be sending someone into the light the lol so im putting my money on bobby

Anonymous said...

If they kill Bobby again I don't know if I'll be able to watch anymore. One thing's for sure, I'll be flaming mad. I hated that they killed him in the first place, but thought it was one of their best episodes ever. If they brought him back only to shred him it would be a complete waste.

Anonymous said...

I vote that Meg bites it and Castiel or God brings Bobby back to life.

Sam said...

terClark they did say someone from the good guys is gonna bite it. and from the looks of it meg has some agenda regarding her actions. and castiel's story is still to be wrapped up. Unfortunately it seems bobby is going to go. But if he stays i hope they do it in a manner where he isnt a vengeful idjit..