Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waving Goodbye

The problem with going third after other intelligent, articulate ladies is that it feels like goodbye has already been pretty well summed up! Nonetheless, let me add my (cyber)voice to theirs in saying thank you so much to everyone who has ever visited or left comments on the blog. It's been fun--which may explain how the time has flown by so quickly! I can't believe how many seasons the show has been on (and, correspondingly, how many years have passed in my real life). I have to say, sometimes I feel a twinge of surprise that the show's still on the air and frown at some of the changes (such as the glaring absence of the Impala for most of this season!) But there are still really funny episodes (such as the recent The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo) and episodes that make me tear up (such as when we said "goodbye" to Bobby) and moments that surprise me. I will definitely keep watching! (I will also be reading Terri's Hollyweird, partly inspired by SPN, as soon as I meet my looming deadline! Have you bought your copy yet?)

Thanks for joining us here! May your apocalypses be few and your musical playlist always be kick ass.


Maureen Child said... guys will still be checking in here to dish a little, right??

God, I miss the impala and the classic rock soundtrack. and what happened to Frank????

I really miss Bobby and I'm hoping they bring him back somehow!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I miss the Impala like a physical ache whenever they're in another trashy car. It had BETTER make a triumphant comeback Friday night!

I think the reason this season has been the flattest is that there are no real personal stakes. The Leviathans are a global stake, but the boys weren't responsible for releasing them and aren't supposedly destined to stop them, like they were the apocolypse. They've lost a lot--way, way too much--but that means they don't have anything to lose, as opposed to fighting to save something important (like, say, each other LOL). That'S what I miss most of all.

Anonymous said...

I love your closing sentiment, Tanya!

I physically flinch every time I see them in another car. Bring back baby!

Anonymous said...

The car thing is killing me. Love Sam, love Dean. But Supernatural just ain't the same without the Impala! I think you're right about the personal stakes, Natalie and that the producers know it, which is why there's the Bobby conflict right now. (But DAMN, they've essentially lost Bobby, the car, and Cass. Plus, in last week's episode, even PIE, for the time being. You start running out of things to eliminate. Although Dean trying to cope with health food made me laugh out loud!)