Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All-Time Favorite Episodes

I've made some adjustments to my all-time favorite episodes this season. I couldn't QUITE get it down to a top ten (good, right?) See if any of yours match.

1) Changing Channels

2) I Believe the Children Are Our Future

3) Croatoan

4) The Monster at the End of this Book

5) Monster Movie

6) Jus in Bello

7) What Is and What Should Never Be

8) A Very Supernatural Christmas

9) Bad Day at Black Rock

10) Hell House

11) Hookman

12) Faith

13) Scarecrow

14) The Pilot

However, I also have some episodes I'd happily never watch again.

1) Metamorphosis

2) Bugs

3) Red Sky at Morning (and I was SO looking forward to this one)

4) The Usual Suspects

5) Everybody Loves a Clown (except for the last scene)

6) Route 666 (except for the love scene)

What about you? Are you a bigger fan than I am? Will you watch an episode over no matter what?



Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Interesting. Some of your favorites make me go "eh," some of your "never watch again" I LOVE (The Usual Suspects at the top).

I don't know if I can make true lists, because I change my mind as soon as I name a favorite. LOL And no, there isn't any episode I'd never watch again. Every summer I watch them all, beginning to end, no skipping. :) Even the worst eps have something in them I love.

MJFredrick said...

I thought of another to add to my never watch: Criss Angel. Bleh.

You know, The Usual Suspects would have been meh for me, but the last line ruined the whole episode for me, when Dean said something about pea soup. GAH!

2 months until a new episode, after tonight. I may even watch some of my least favorites again.