Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Season Six a Good Idea?

So Kripke is rumored to be thinking about a season 6. And as much as I love this show, love love love this show, I wonder if this is a good idea. Kripke had a vision, and if he continues the story past that, will it weaken the concept? I looked at other long-running shows to see how they fared past season 5. Kripke is talented, but so are Joss, Amy and Shonda, as well as Lindeloff and Cuse.

Buffy—Was meant to end after Season 5, with Buffy facing off with Glory. Maybe it should have stopped then, but then we wouldn’t have “Once More With Feeling.”

Gilmore Girls—should have ended after season 5, with Luke and Lorelei happily ever after. The estrangement, April and the Chris/Lorelei thing…ugh. Even Zack and Lane. I did like the mother’s larger role.

LOST—okay, it had a rough spot or two with the tailies, but boy, I can’t wait for Season 6. It certainly picked up when the writers knew they had an end date. I think that was wise.

Monk—the dh and I stopped watching because Monk stopped being sympathetic.

24—this one has had some hit and miss seasons. I liked last season, but the one with Audrey? No thanks.

Sex and the City—Okay, I could have done without the Paris trip, but then, Mikhail Baryshnikov. But I loved the Samantha/Smith story.

Grey’s Anatomy—It started losing ground in season 5, and now most of the people I know are hit and miss with what used to be appointment TV.

Friends ran for 10 years, but a comedy, I think, is different. This show had its flat moments, particularly after Ross and Emily married in season 5. The next five seasons of will-they-won’t-they at least played in the background most of the time, and the Monica/Chandler relationship saved it. Elle Macpherson was a misstep, as was Ross dating his student. Brad Pitt was a win, though. And Joey’s Thanksgiving pants.

ER—I stopped watching ER when Maura Tierney became a regular. Her sadsack character irritated me, and every time ratings rolled around, something blew up in the ER. That wasn’t how the show started, because it was a story about the people and relationships. It morphed into something else.

I know some of you watch Smallville and NCIS, which are both long-running shows. Is this good or bad? What do you think about the possibility of a Supernatural Season Six?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I can't compare Supernatural to any other show. The ones I lost interest in before they ended either weren't NEARLY as good as this one (Smallville), or were shows with constantly changing characters (ER). The shows I didn't lose interest in (Buffy, Gilmore Girls), I never felt as strongly about loss of quality as other people did.

All I can say is that I desperately want Supernatural to continue. There could be a season six that rocks harder than the first three seasons put together. There could be a season six that's disappointing without the intensity of the mytharc. We can't know. So saying not to have it just in case it hurts us is like a heroine in a romance novel refusing to date a guy so she doesn't get hurt, and that's my ABSOLUTELY LEAST favorite internal conflict, wallbanger material. :)

Anyway. Yes, I think season six is a good idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I want a season six and Kripke has said that he would finish this storyline as it's always been meant to end and then do something else. I trust him to keep it fresh.

Examorata said...

In general I think five seasons or so taps out all but the very best of shows. Supernatural is that rare show that has actually gotten consistently better as the seasons progress, though.

It seems to me that Kripke hasn't shied away from doing what he has to in this show even when it's a tough choice. If a season six can progress logically and feel truthful after however this season falls out, then I'm all for it.

Sara Freeze said...

Enjoyed your post on my favorite show! Like you, I'm unsure of whether another season would be such a good idea. Eric Kripke had such a strong vision when he created the season, and after the introduction of the angels storyline, I'm not sure where else he could go. Still, the characters are complex, so the writers have some flexibility in finding new avenues for the show.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Plus, keep in mind that Kripke's "vision" wasn't exactly fully formed from the beginning. He never intended to bring in angels, and then bring in God, which he's reportedly about to do. So who's to say he can't have a NEW vision that's just as good, or even better? :)