Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Convention Dreams

I had a great idea for a topic for today. Did I write it down? No. Do I remember it? Not a chance. I nearly forgot to post...twice. So pleeeaaassseee forgive me if this post is, well, kinda lame.

Creation Entertainment is doing a Salute to Supernatural in New Jersey again this year. My friends and I held off on committing to it at first, because Jared and Jensen aren't booked. Two months after they first opened to ticket sales, we can probably safely stop hoping. My theory is that the Js won't commit because it's not selling out, and it's not selling out because the Js won't commit. Northeasterners are practical and frugal, you know.

So we gambled and bought tickets and are only three rows back from the stage. I'm bringing Number One (my daughter), so it will be a fun trip no matter what. But we want it to be the MOST fun we can have without our heads exploding (aka "meeting Jared and Jensen").

So far, they have the following people attending:

AJ Buckley and Travis Wester, the Ghostfacers
Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr., the Ones We Really Wanted to Come
Alona Tal (Jo)
ETA:This morning when I went to the website, I saw that Rob Benedict, who plays Chuck, has been added. (It was NOT there when I wrote this, even though it says it was updated Feb. 1. :) )

If we can't get the Js, they'd better pack the ticket with good people. Jim Beaver and Todd Stashwick would be great to see again, as would Gabe Tigerman, and I really, really want Jason Manns for the musical entertainment. But who else?

I won't start listing potential guest stars they could invite. I want to hear who YOU'D want to meet! Out of all the people associated with Supernatural, who's worth a weekend getaway?

Personally, I wish they'd book a writer or two. Now, THEM, I'd have questions for!

How about you?


Anonymous said...

Yes, writers! Sera Gamble and/or Ben Edlund please. As far as actors go, I think it would be interesting to hear Katherine Boecher(Lilith) talk about working with Jared. Ted Raimi from "Wishful Thinking", if he can break away from the Xena conventions. Mark Pellegrino, of course. I hear Kurt Fuller will be at the LA con. And I'd love to see Kripke at a con again. I think he's only done one--it's about time for another!