Monday, February 8, 2010

News February 8

Sorry, I just loved this scene SO much. Happy John and Mary...sigh.

Besides, I needed something to ease you as I deliver the bad news. After Thursday's show, Supernatural will be on hiatus for SIX WEEKS! All together now...WAHHHHHH!!!! The dh pointed out that most shows will be on break during the Olympics but still. WAHHHHH!

According to Jim Beaver's Tweets, shooting continues until the end of March. He will return in episode 15, then episode 18. Also, he's confirmed for SPN conventions in LA, Rome, Australia, Birmingham, and Germany.

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting comparison between Lost and Supernatural.

The show recently celebrated their 100th episode and are being considered for a sixth season.

Trish and I saw Legion when she was here last week and we were both, "Meh." Anyone else see it? What did you think?


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

The Olympics are only two weeks long, so that's no excuse! I hate that the networks keep doing this!

On the plus side--which is only a plus when we get there LOL--after it returns, it's supposed to be new shows nonstop to the finale on May 13.