Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dragon*Con Report

Over the Labor Day weekend, Tanya and I headed to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, the huge annual sci-fi/fantasy convention. We've been bummed the past couple of years because there haven't been any Supernatural folks there, but this year Mark Sheppard was in attendance. And we got to talk to him. My first question: "Does Crowley still have Bobby's soul?" Mark's response: "Of course." We didn't talk very long, but he seemed happy with what we'll be seeing this season. I forked over some dough to get one of his photos autographed.

Fellow writer Nancy Northcott and I are doing a more comprehensive Dragon*Con wrap-up over at the Romance Bandits blog today, so pop over to see what the highlights of the weekend were and for some additional photos of the fun geekfest.