Wednesday, September 1, 2010

T-Minus 24 Days and Counting

See that? Up there, in the Title? DAYS. We can measure the remaining hiatus in days!!!

It's a good thing I'm not doing Monday News right now, because I've been deleting all my Google alerts. Spoilers are starting to come through, and I don't want to know the teaser summaries for the first episodes, or see pictures of guest stars, etc. I've reluctantly (or despite myself, anyway!) learned a few things, and I want no more! Of course, I do Monday News on the 13th, so I don't know how many spoilers I can avoid and still do my job. Maybe I'll just repost this:

ANYWAY, that's not why I'm here. I'm here because our hellatus is finally winding down. School has started, which means the race is on to the season premiere. I have so many questions I can't wait to be answered! (But I don't want them answered now, unless they decide to move up the premiere! LOL)

1. How long will we have to endure Lisa Lisa be on before the boys move on for good?

2. How on earth are they going to incorporate Mitch Pileggi?

3. Do the boys HAVE to be at odds with each other again?

4. Can you please reprise the fight scene from the pilot that snagged me and created this obsession passion?

5. How many episodes will we get in a row before they give us more interminable hellati (plural of hellatus)?

6. How will Sam prove he's Sam?

7. What will Sam's hairstyle be?

8. Can you include some footage of that shirts-and-skins soccer game Jensen Dean played [with Ben and his friends, of course...]?

9. Who gets to have sex this season? I think they're both due, actually.

10. What will induce Dean's single, perfect tear?

How about you? What questions are YOU looking forward to seeing play out? Please don't post actual spoilers in the comments, but speculation can run rampant! :)