Monday, September 27, 2010

Supernatural News

Of course the big news for the week was the premiere of the sixth season of Supernatural. Yay! If you Google "Supernatural" now, you'll get links to a million and one (okay, slight exaggeration) recaps and commentaries on the the premiere episode, "Exile on Main Street." From what I've read, there seems to be some consensus that something is definitely up with Grandpa Campbell and the oddball Campbell cousins.

I was worried about a falloff in viewership with the move to Friday, but the ratings held steady with last year's with 2.8 million viewers. I wonder if it might be helped a bit by science fiction fans who are used to having Friday night be their domain but are facing the odd decision by SyFy to move Caprica and Stargate Universe to Tuesdays so they can air WWE wrestling on Friday nights. Seriously, wrestling?

Confirmation that all is also not right with Sam. Dude, I hope it's really Sam, and he eventually gets back to his awesome Sammy self.

A glimpse at this week's episode, "Two and a Half Men" (which also happens to be the name of hubby's favorite TV show).

Julie McNiven (Anna the angel) will be headed to Stargate Universe this season as a love interest for Eli. Cool! I heart Eli.


Unknown said...

I heart Eli, too. I was worried about the move to Fridays as well because most of my shows that move die a quick death. SyFy is getting really wonky with its scheduling, but so much better for Supernatural, I say.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I agree about the SyFy factor! I was also hoping Smallville's good performance last season bode well for our move. We survived two other moves (right? Monday to Tuesday, and Tuesday to Thursday?) and not all Friday shows die young (not that SPN is young anymore).

I did not go to the E! Online link but was glad of the word "confirmation" in your write-up. :)