Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Will get my "official" post up later, but I was just wondering how many of you have seen this rumor in today's entertainment news? (Scroll down to the pertinent question and answer.) Do you guys think it will happen? What are your opinions?

I'm torn. Part of me was dreading by SPN-less future after next year, but I do think shows end better with a fixed end date. Also, I'm currently lamenting the rumored Buffy movie that doesn't include creator/writer Whedon, and I have to say I think Kripke is a major part of what makes SPN wonderful. So, torn.



AuthorM said...

As much as I love Supernatural, I'd rather have it end with Season Five than drag on sans Kripke and with boys whose hearts aren't in it. I love the Js. I do not want to lose the Winchesters. But the Js are real people and if it's time for them to move on, it's time.\\\M

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Unlike M, I don't assume that a season 6 would HAVE to be without Kripke and that the boys would be halfhearted.

Report out of the UK con the boys just did indicated that Jensen has a 6-year contract, and Jared was on board for a season 6 if it came to that. I think the level of enthusiasm depends on where they take the show and what other circumstances are out there. If the time comes and they have no other prospects for a job? Maybe it becomes more appealing. Also, sometimes you feel like you're ready to be done with something until it's actually time to be done with it, then you change your mind. :)

SPN without Kripke? Well, I don't assume disaster there, either. Yes, it would be better WITH him, but he's an overseer. I think it's POSSIBLE the current writers and the right showrunner could keep SPN on track a little longer.

If my positive outlook doesn't bear out, and the boys aren't putting their all into it, and Kripke isn't involved? I'll still gobble it up with a spoon. I'll never choose no SPN over bad SPN. I admit it.

AuthorM said...

I didn't assume season 6 would *have* to be without Kripke or enthusiasm -- based on that report it said it was likely Kripke wouldn't be involved and that both Js have made murmurs about wanting to move on. I based my reply here on that.

If 6 came around and they were all happy and willing to do it and excited about it, that's something else entirely.

I would, however, choose no SPN over bad SPN. I was burned when X-Files went into the toilet. I don't want that to happen to the show I love above all others.

I'd rather have it end than drag on without joy.

Barbara said...

Well I went in thinking it would get cancelled in season one since that's typical for this network or that it would end at season five it it made it that far. I think it could survive to season six with Eric.

I'll admit that I'm still a bit bitter over Angel getting the boot. That was just cold to bring James on and not have another season. As for the Buffy movie I did a little ranting about that. They shouldn't use the name Buffy. It was left open so a whole new Slayer could be created so using the verse would be fine but not the name Buffy and not wanting Joss invovled is just stupid.

Kassy said...

I would rather have NO supernatural then a crappy season. I love the boys and I think if they are ready to move on, so be it.

Kripe made the show what it was, it was his idea. Maybe he'll have a change of heart? But 6 years is a long time.