Monday, June 1, 2009

Interview with Supernatural Guest Star Todd Stashwick

We probably know Todd Stashwick best as the Dracula-costumed shapeshifter in the Supernatural episode "Monster Movie." ("But wait...I have a coupon" is among my favorite lines of the series!) But I think the phrase "the hardest-working actor in Hollywood" was coined for him. Check out his IMDb page to see what I mean!

I was one of the lucky attendees at the New Jersey Salute to Supernatural convention in March who got to meet him briefly, and he not only graciously consented to an interview, he immediately responded when I contacted him on Facebook. Without further ado, here's Todd Stashwick!

First, I've been ordered to ask you HOW you prepare for the Zombpocalypse? (Thanks to fan/reader Megan Hart for the question :) )

Have an exit strategy, get the higher ground, aim for the head.

Photo used with permission by Todd Stashwick

For someone so young, you've accomplished quite a lot. You started in Second City and went from improv to television and film. Did you have a plan from the beginning, or did you just take each thing as the opportunity arose?

Wow, I like how 40 is now considered "young"!

I did have a plan, Second city was a training ground and a key to unlock opportunities. It has. Much of my career has been spent welcoming surprises but there is an underlying world domination plot.

You've been on a LOT of different kinds of television shows. What kind is your favorite? And of all you do (stage, TV, film, etc.), what do you like best?

Sounds like a cop-out but each have their own merit. Half hour sitcoms are breezy easy and fun. Stuff like The Riches is heavy lifting and guest star roles are always different without the responsibility of having to carry the show. It's all interesting. By and large, though, I'm in my element when improvising live in front of an audience in a theater. I'm stage creature.

Some of your past roles include the shows Enterprise, Buffy, and Angel, shows that have a similar cult following to the one surrounding Supernatural. Had you had any experience or familiarity with conventions before the March 8 Salute to Supernatural?

Never did a convention.

Did you have any idea what to expect?

Kind of. I've attended some as a fan (Star wars 30th)

How did you find the event?

I had a great time. Everyone was very kind. Also being a sci-fi fan myself, it was fun to geek it up with everyone.

Had you ever anticipated such adoration based on a one-episode guest role?

You never anticipate anything. You go to work for a week. Have a good time with some talented folks. Hopefully do your best and go home. Then a few months later your little job gets blasted out onto the airwaves. At the time we knew that this episode would be unique and the role I had was uncommon for the show, but to anticipate being invited to speak about it? Never. It's been a hoot.

What was the best part of being on Supernatural?

Getting to play the part. Getting to play with those guys and that crew. It was the highlight of last year acting-wise.

What can you tell us about your films Letting Go and Friendship?

Letting Go was an independent feature shot in L.A. I played the power-hungry media exec boss to the lead. It's a comedy. My role is small but featured. They were able to fit me in while I was shooting Surfer Dude. Not sure of the release date on that one.

Friendship is an independent comedy about a German guy and his friend going across America to find his father right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I play Darryl, a stoner cartoonist that they hitch a ride with. I shot in New Mexico and New York. It premiers in Berlin in Nov.

Do you have any other upcoming TV roles we should watch out for?

I just wrapped a couple episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. That doesn't air till October. The Riches Season 2 is out on DVD.

Your website also lists Live! as "coming soon." What's the status of this project (which also stars Supernatural star Jeffrey Dean Morgan)?

It's a fake Doc. about a network exec (Eva Mendes) that creates a Russian Roulette Reality game show. It's a pretty dark comedy. I'm part of Eva's development team for the show. I'm not sure of the American release of that. It premiered at the Tribeca film fest.

Thank you very much, Todd, for taking the time to do this interview for us!


The Official Todd Stashwick Website...Officially

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Also, follow Todd on Facebook , where he posts when he does an improv show, when his TV shows air, etc.


AuthorM said...

great interview!


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks! He's a great guy! :)

Anonymous said...

Terrific interview! Thanks for joining us, Todd. (I loved that episode!)

Trish Milburn said...

I'm late commenting, but I thought this episode was hysterical. I still laugh out loud thinking about Dracula making a getaway on a scooter. LOL!

Great interview.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Yes! And the little "beep beep." I don't think Kripke had much to do with that episode, except to approve it, so that's why I think a Kripkeless season isn't an automatically bad one. :)